What do you regret on the internet

Do you regret it? | Most regret things they didn't do!

We have now been in Bangkok for three days and have now driven a bit through the country with the rental car and yesterday we were in the car for seven hours and I heard a lot, a lot of podcasts. And one of them inspired me to produce this post.

What do you regret

Some people wait for Friday all week. Some people wait for summer all year round. And some people wait for happiness all their lives. No, this will not be a series of quotes, but this quote is an eye opener. What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for friday the week? Do you wait for summer all year round? And do you wait for happiness all your life? Then something goes wrong. Because there are currently a lot of publications on the subject of what people, very old people shortly before the end of their lives, what they regret the most.

And what always comes out is that they didn't do things. So very few regret things they did. Most regret things they haven't done. And that's what I want to talk to you about now.

In 1999 I had the idea of ​​founding a trainer agency. That means, you have to know in the USA the trainer and speaker market, i.e. the focus on the speaker market, runs through so-called speaker offices. That means, these are agencies that have contacts to the congress organizers, to larger companies that regularly need and book speakers. And they convey that.

If you're a speaker in the United States, you might need five, eight, or ten agencies who like you and then promote you. You don't even have to acquire yourself. You just have to take care of your agencies.

The Dirk Kreuter trainer agency

The system works differently in Germany. Here, too, there are a few agencies for trainers, for consultants, for speakers, but that is very much under the radar. And in 1999 my idea - I've always been so clever that I was able to acquire more assignments than I could process myself - to found a trainer agency.

I arranged that later through my employed trainer. That means, what I just acquired and where the customer said, no, the fee is too high, I then gave that to my coaches.

Or if the customer wanted a larger volume, which I couldn't fulfill because I didn't have so many days. Then it went to my employed trainer.

From this strength, this strength of acquisition and also, yes, it is not just acquisition, but it was the beginning of the Internet at that time. And back then I was able to find needs on the Internet very early on. When no one had even thought about it, I was already taking orders from the network.

So the idea was, man, I'm going to start this agency. Yes, I already had the domains secured, Trainer24.de and Trainer24.com and at and ch and so on, so I already had them all. And then I had a professional reflect on my business plan again in sparing, in coaching.

Reflecting is the wrong word, I was with Klaus, I was with Klaus more often back then. Whenever there is an important decision to be made, I go to Klaus, have booked him for a day, for a lot of money. But it was then, and very likely today, worth every euro.

And Klaus questioned for a whole day and shot up my business model. And most importantly, he said:

“If you do that, then you'll start a business. And when you start a business, you can forget about your career as a sales coach, because then you are an entrepreneur and you have to take care of your business. "

And I didn't want that. I wanted to work as a sales trainer and do this business on the side.

He said, “You can forget about that. It won't work that way. " Okay, then with a heavy heart I pushed this business idea into the parking garage, not buried it, pushed it into the parking garage.

And every year there were moments when I said, human, such a speakers agency, that could be something. But don't lose focus, no stay out of there.

The idea came back years later

Then at some point I realized that my assistant, Lara, was under-challenged with what she does in the assistant function. So you can do more with her than use her as a better secretary in quotation marks. So I thought in 2014, yes, now we could tackle this idea again.

And then I took it out of the drawer and said: “Lara, I would like to set up a GmbH, Pro Sales, which is supposed to provide trainers, consultants and speakers from the area of ​​sales from the area of ​​sales. That means bringing supply and demand together and my strength, namely being able to acquire intelligently, you take over for this GmbH. "

The GmbH was founded, Lara is the managing director, Lara has got another employee, her own office space. And then we set up a start-up. So I always delivered my ideas and how I would like them and Lara implemented them.

Yes, I finally did it, arranging the trainers and speakers.

Of course, a start-up, you have to invest first until something comes back. Of course there was income, but the main focus was on an investment.

In January 2016 I thought again about what do I want to achieve, where do I want to go. It was such a break, four weeks in the Caribbean. And then it became clear to me that it is nice to mediate with this speaker, but that does not help me any further. Not to the goals that I have.

Relationship between expense and income

So I came back at the end of January and said: “Lara, thank you very much. But I need you for other tasks now. I want you to develop the social media area for me and that you really give full throttle on all social media channels.

And the referents mediation, with all the love, we stamp that in. We've been doing that for a year and a half. Yes, I had that in my drawer, I wanted to try it, we did it and it worked. But I would have had to invest at least another two to three years before it really pays off economically and then also generates profits.

Time, energy, attention and money. And then I weighed up and said, what will bring me faster success in the long term, what will help me achieve my goals? And that is clearly a different area, not the agency. So once again clarity about the goals and then the whole thing pulped.

I said thank you to the client and signed us off. I said thank you to the trainers, consultants and speakers and signed us off. And then in February, March last year Lara started to set up social media for me.

What's the gist of the story?

I had to do it. I've been concerned with that since 1999 and it was there again and again. And again and again there were impulses where I said, man, you have to do that.

And if I hadn't done it now, I'd regret it. I would sit here and say who knows, maybe it would have worked out great. Maybe the synergies would have been so awesome, whatever. Now i did it. Now I know it wasn't that exciting. And now there is a catch.


Stay tuned to your ideas

When you have an idea in your head and the idea has been with you for a long time, not just for a week, but really for weeks, months, maybe years.

Then you have to do something with this idea. Because you don't want to lie on your deathbed later and look back and say, I always had this idea, I always wanted to start a company, start my own business, open this shop, take this trip around the world, drive this car, whatever.

Time is limited and many live as if it were the dress rehearsal. And we don't know whether there will really be another performance afterwards, or whether it will stay with the dress rehearsal. So use this dress rehearsal, respect this life. Question your ideas that you have, should I do it?

I've got it out of my head now. I have a lot of ideas. And I usually write down the ideas and then I put them away. And don't even look at them for a few weeks or months. And then I'll get them out again at some point. And if they are still sexy, then we may implement them.

Sure, small ideas are implemented immediately. That's why I have a staff of employees. This is my luxury. But really big ideas, yes I put them off for a while. Sometimes years, sometimes really years.

Again, you regret not having done it.

And what should happen to you? In Germany we have such a social network. Really a net, if you slip off the trapeze because you have tried some trick, which is daring and you fall, then you fall into this net.

Yes, then you might be in this network for a few months. You may then have filed for bankruptcy of some kind. Yes, then you already know how it doesn't work. All good, but you did it. You can look back later and say I did it.

Yes, you may have to live on welfare for a few months at some point, sucks, no question. But it's not about your existence. It's about a dry spell, it's about not having any money for a while.

You learn a lot when you try something like this. It doesn't matter if you are successful or not. You learn a lot. You have an experience, yes, you may also be paying the tuition. I have sunk a five-figure sum with this pro sales agency, yes. But that is not sunk, that is the hardship.

I gained experience and I paid for it. Yes, that could possibly have been cheaper, but however. I didn't have to limit myself as a result, that was my advantage. So do it! When you have an idea that really touches you, that occupies you, where you notice, then you develop a passion for. Then my appeal is do it!

Let your idea be critically examined

Maybe go to a coach, go to a consultant, and let this thing blow up critically. Find someone who always says exactly the opposite. And now you have to argue and you have to convince him why it is the right idea after all.

So in any case do what I did with Klaus several times beforehand. As a saving before it really goes into battle. And if you after these sparing rounds, if you then say, yes that is the right idea, my heart is attached to it. Then do it!

We have a meeting once a year in the inner circle of employees. It's always the end of August and that's the Mallorca Group, because we traditionally do this meeting in Mallorca. And of course there is always a protocol. And then I always read through the old minutes to prepare for the next meeting.

That of last year, that of the year before last, that of five years ago. And it's exciting when I have a preparation day like that, then I think what we were doing two years ago. What kind of ideas did we have, how small did we think. That is exciting, you can simply see your development.

What ideas did you have back then, which ones were put in the parking garage and then you take the ideas out again, look at them and say, yes, great idea, we won't do it either. And it stays that way. Or you say, now is the time to implement it. Now is the idea from two or three years ago, now we're going to do it.

Experiences and developments

So there is no failure, there is only experience, yes, and advancement. A question that I get very, very often, especially on Facebook: "Dirk, should I start my own business?" In most cases I don't know the people. And then they don't write me enough background knowledge either.

Yes, if I can get a little clue, I can give you some advice.

  • Should I start my own business?
  • It depends how much you want it?
  • What are your motives?
  • What's the point behind it?
  • Why do you want to do that?
  • Are you ready to invest in yourself?
  • Are you ready to invest the time, energy, effort and money in the idea?

Then do it. If you want to become self-employed, then test it beforehand, do an internship, do several internships, take your vacation for it as an employee, don't go away, but work a few days, a few weeks in your future job.

Ask those who are where you want to go. Ask those who have successfully started their own business and that not for three years, but ideally for 30 years. Invite these people to dinner and pay for the food and ask them the right questions in return. And then listen carefully and reflect.

By the way, I'm ruling out that I could go out to eat three times a day without having to pay. I'm out of the process, but look for others that you can invite so easily. Possibly start part-time.

That works wonderfully right now in sales. You can gain sales experience in network marketing part-time. You can gain part-time experience in structural sales for a financial service. So you don't have to go straight from zero to 100.

Only when you have enough experience then you should make a decision. Your decision to succeed. Incidentally, I have a cool book right here in this context, Decision: Success. Nobody later remembers the guy who just tried. Subtitles, how in seven steps you gain the strength from defeat and failure to go your own path to success, for which losers don't even put their shoes on.

Yes, you get the book from me for free, you take over the postage costs, you can find it on my Facebook page, or on my website. You can then order this book and it will be sent to you. In the end, make a decision! And remember, most people later regret what they didn't do and not what they did.

In the sense of fat booty, love greetings.