What unforeseen events does travel insurance cover?

Booked a trip? Also think about travel protection!

Cancellation cost insurance

If you have to cancel your trip or have to arrive late, you will be reimbursed the cancellation costs or the additional costs of the later outward journey.

When choosing your insurance partner, pay attention to the broadest possible definition of the accepted insurance reasons and risk persons. In addition to an unexpectedly serious illness or accident (including a psychological one), ERGO's insured reasons for resignation include pregnancy, vaccination intolerance, significant damage to property, operational dismissal, change of job and much more. The insurance also applies if the insured event affects your relatives, the relatives of your life partner or your fellow travelers.

Demolition Insurance

If you have already started your trip and have to break off prematurely for insured reasons, you will receive the pro-rata travel price for unused services back.

If you cannot end your trip as planned or if you cannot return until late, ERGO will bear the additional costs of the return journey and will also pay in advance.

Supplementary protection Covid-19

The Covid-19 disease has been classified as a pandemic by the WHO. Since pandemics are excluded as an insured risk in the conditions of most insurance providers, the basic insurance (cancellation and interruption of travel) does not apply in the event of Covid 19 disease. If you would like to cover this risk for your trip, you can expand your protection by taking out supplementary Covid-19 insurance to include the following benefits:

  • Illness and death due to Covid-19
  • Personal and individually ordered quarantine measures by an authority
  • Personal and individual refusal of transport, e.g. airline refuses flight due to increased temperature
  • Personal and individual refusal of entry, e.g. border official refuses entry due to increased temperature
  • If the trip cannot be ended as planned because the insured person or a risk person traveling with them is affected by a personal and individually arranged quarantine, reimbursement of additional accommodation costs of up to € 1000 per person.

The Covid-19 supplementary protection is only possible in connection with an existing or newly concluded ERGO travel insurance (travel cancellation, all-round carefree). It is not possible to take out sole insurance or together with travel insurance from another insurance company. A separate additional Corona protection must be taken out for each individual trip. With the supplementary protection, all lines of your ERGO main insurance are covered in the event of a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office due to Covid-19.

Health insurance

In the event of illness or accident during the trip, the costs for the necessary treatment abroad as well as for medical treatment will be charged meaningful Patient repatriation taken over. In addition, you do not need to pay in advance for treatments in one of ERGO's partner hospitals.

The return of luggage and the return journey of children are also organized. When psychological assistance is required, experts provide first aid over the phone. Search, rescue and recovery costs are covered up to € 10,000.

(Here the devil is in the details: simple insurance, for example, only covers medical expenses necessary Return transport from.)

Luggage insurance

If one of your pieces of luggage is stolen or damaged, you will be reimbursed the current value (max. € 2000 for individuals, max. € 4000 for families). If you lose your means of payment and travel documents, you will be supported in obtaining a new one and official fees for ID cards and visas will be reimbursed.

Annual insurance

The annual travel cover applies to all trips within the next 365 days up to the insured travel price. This includes business trips as well as day and weekend trips from a distance of 50 km from your home town.

  • You take out the annual travel cover only once and are then covered on all trips throughout the year.
  • If you take several trips a year, the annual cover is worth it for you. Depending on the price of the trip, annual insurance is worthwhile from the very first trip.
  • The definition of the accepted insurance reasons and risk persons is identical to the individual insurance! There are no benefit restrictions for annual insurance.

The annual insurance is automatically extended for another year and can be canceled up to 30 days before it expires.

Tariffs for couples and families

Many tariffs can also be booked together for couples / families. This is often a little cheaper and (in the case of annual insurance) also insures trips that you undertake separately from each other.
A family is defined as 2 adults regardless of their relationship, as well as children up to and including 25 years of age (own children, grandchildren or up to 5 other children traveling with you). There does not have to be a common place of residence.

Please inform yourself about the product details of the one-time insurance or the annual insurance and the supplementary cover Covid-19 before taking out insurance. You can find a clear overview of the conditions in the linked information sheets on all-round carefree protection (annual insurance or individual insurance), travel cancellation insurance (annual insurance or individual insurance) and supplementary Covid-19 protection.