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Benefits in kind: definition + examples of tax-free extras

Employers can give their employees benefits in kind in addition to their salaries. The big advantage: within defined limits, these benefits in kind are tax-free for employees. ... (read more)

Corporate benefits: This is how employees and employers benefit

Companies today have to offer more than just a secure job. At least if they want to attract and retain the best employees. Corporate benefits play ... (read more)

Request your personal salary report now for free

Display | Who earns what and how much? The career bible provides you with all the important facts and a comprehensive ... (read more) in a study prepared individually for you.

Income: How much is there in different professions?

Merit should never be the sole reason for a professional decision, but it still plays a major role. Every career choice is preceded by a thorough ... (read more)

Statutory pension insurance: contribution rate, benefits + calculator

In the course of your working life, part of the money you earn flows into the statutory pension insurance. For many people, the payments from it are the ... (read more)

Revenue sharing: advantages and disadvantages of the remuneration model

For employees it sounds like a perfect deal: Participate in the company's success through a share of the turnover. But if you have a share in the turnover, it really beckons ...

Separate the study: How to save in the home office

Under certain conditions, you can deduct work from home from the tax as a study. This is possible as income-related expenses or business expenses. So far ... (read more)

Apply for recovery allowance: alternative to vacation allowance

If employees do not receive vacation pay, they may be able to apply for recovery allowance. This is a voluntary payment by the employer to cover the recovery costs of employees in ... (read more)

Living with little money: 10 + 4 incredible savings tips

While some show off their bling-bling, this is out of the question for others. A life with little money can come from the ... (read more)

Retire earlier: 4 legal tricks how to do it

Retiring at 57 or 60 sounds tempting, especially since the future retirement age for any employee is 67. But there are conditions ... (read more)

Disability pension: entitlement, amount & application

Health can force you to end your working life prematurely. With the disability pension (EM-Rente) you are financially protected in this case. Current ... (read more)

Reminder notice: this is how you react correctly

If you receive a dunning notice, it is the highest railway. Then you have apparently not made certain payments for some time and a creditor ... (read more)

Retirement: age, table, tips

Many years of work are behind you, for several decades you have worked in one or more jobs and have honestly made your retirement ... (read more)

Child allowance: apply, amount, entitlement

Parents can save taxes with the child allowance. It is one of the social benefits for parents in Germany, is intended to support families and ensure that ... (read more)

Schufa information: Request free of charge online

Schufa information contains important financial information about a person's creditworthiness, creditworthiness and solvency. Such information can be used in various situations from ... (read more)

50-30-20 rule: Save money cleverly + build up capital

Save money, build up capital, maybe even a small fortune - and that with a low income? Yes, that works: With the so-called 50-30-20 rule ... (read more)

Personal bankruptcy: duration, procedure, requirements

When the debt threatens to get over your head, the situation often seems hopeless. A personal bankruptcy, or rather a consumer bankruptcy proceeding, will ... (read more)

Basic security: entitlement, amount, requirements, application

According to recent figures, over a million people in Germany recently received basic security, a state social benefit. People cannot always make a living ... (read more)

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