Is Airtel a bad network for 4G

Go on 4G

This morning as I was crossing the street for my everyday life while driving to work, I came across a huge billboard advertisement for Airtel 4G. And that was where my train of thought began. I was wondering how travel has changed over time - thanks to technology. I also wondered what change 4G would bring to our lives as travelers. As the train of thought went on, I realized that the Airtel 4G can actually work well for the traveler and here are 5 advantages that have impressed me.

1) Quit your business quickly

This is especially true for business trips that require constant connection to emails, documents and chats. Even during a vacation trip, we rarely cut off and checking email is the least we do. Most of the time, we look and seek Wi-Fi connections to get the job done. That means that you actually have to wait before you are done with your business. Imagine having a 4G and how much easier and faster you can get things done at work.

In order to establish a context, I thought about how often I have to go Mumbai at work and every time I'm there I spend as much time in traffic as I do at the conference or at work that I have to be. Checking email on the go isn't really possible as it takes a lot of time with the current 3G speed and connectivity. Imagine how much easier it would be if I had a 4G - faster speed, multitasking, and successful and productive use of my trip.

2) Share on the go

I've always shared my trip with friends and family - it's my way of taking them on my trip. It's also a lot easier thanks to Instagram, Facebook, and other social sites. However, sometimes I can't always share right away due to the slow connectivity. Hmmm! Can you see the usefulness of 4G now?

3) Discover faster

Unknown place with a lot to discover and no direction? This is how you usually feel in a strange place. And this is where "apps" come into use on cell phones. Most of its ease of use depends on your phone's connectivity. Very often I was frustrated when the search icon continued to load. and you will receive a message with the inscription: "Bad network connection". ARGH !!! And this is exactly where, in my opinion, Airtel 4G would come to my rescue - so that I can get more out of my goal and discover better, faster and more effectively.

4) Money on the go

Everyone likes to travel easily and safely, which means going paperless as much as possible. No matter how much research and budget you do, you can never plan how much to take with you on your trip. And there are times when in the hustle and bustle of travel prep you forget to sort out some important payments like your credit card and utility bills. The blessings of “Netbanking” or “Mobile Banking” make your life easier here.

Like any technology, this is so dependent on your connectivity to the Internet. This is when things get tricky and at times the blessing becomes a curse. I remember this time I sent an advance to a houseboat owner in Kerala and we had to pay the balance when boarding the boat. Unfortunately, the scheduled payment didn't go through the houseboat owner and insisted that we pay immediately. Our blessing for net banking turned into a curse as mobile connectivity to the net was poor. We had to run Helter-Skelter in search of an internet cafe to complete the transaction. I wish we had 4G back then ... things would have been a lot easier.

5) A more pleasant trip

No trip from me - not even the one I take within the city is completely without music and now I hear a lot about it with streaming apps like Wynk. What annoys me is when the connectivity is low and the music is interrupted. For longer trips, I sometimes even watch movies on my cell phone. With the new Airtel 4G, I envision a far better and more pleasant journey.

I think this makes 4G sound like the friendliest, most reliable travel companion one could have - don't you think so?