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No idea for your own machine learning project? - Have a look at Kaggle!

If you are learning to program, it is very helpful to have your own project. This helps you to deepen what you have learned and to become active yourself. Even if you are new to the topic of machine learning, your own project will help. If you don't have a large amount of data of your own that you want to analyze or have no idea for your own project, then is a great place to go.

What is Kaggle?

At Kaggle, data science and machine learning web advertising are organized. But this is not only for professionals! There are a number of competitions aimed at beginners. Of course, these beginners' competitions have a lot of participants and you probably won't get a new high score. But here you will find tasks for every skill level and many opportunities for support. There is a separate discussion forum for each competition. You can also look at the code of other participants and see how they solved the task. Of course, you should try the task yourself first and not just copy off other solutions.

How do i start?

If you haven't gained a lot of machine learning experience yet, you can start with the Titanic Competition. The point is to predict which passengers survived the Titanic disaster and which did not. Various information about the passengers, for example name, gender and social class, is available to make the decision. You can join the competition under the tab code create your own notebook. So you can start programming right away without having to install anything beforehand. At the same time, you can do tutorials at Kaggle. These teach you the skills you need to solve machine learning tasks.

If you already have some machine learning experience, you can also take part in the House Prices or the Digit Recognizer competition. The task of the House Prices competition is to determine the price of a house based on various characteristics. Thematically, it goes in the direction of regression. The Digit Recognizer competition is about recognizing handwritten digits. The digits come from the well-known MNIST dataset. This competition is interesting for you if you are interested in image recognition and processing.

What is or was your first project? Have you heard of Kaggle before or even entered a competition?