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10 romantic boho bridal hairstyles

A loose bun on the neck, light waves, a braided hairstyle? And should it be flowers or other hair accessories? There are so many options for the bridal hairstyle! We have looked for some inspirations for boho bridal hairstyles that are absolutely trendy right now.

Let yourself be inspired! Maybe there is also the right hairstyle for you?

1) Romantic messy braid hairstyle

This idea from Wedding Sparrow is reminiscent of sea air, fresh wind and freedom. With two tightly braided messy braids and lightly teased hair, the bridal hairstyle looks free and casual in the photo of Juliet Ashley.

2) wreath of flowers with a deep bun

With this idea from Deer Pearl Flowers, the bride does not have to choose between a flower wreath and a flower arrangement on the bun. In this version of the boho bridal hairstyle with white roses and fir branches, both the bun is embellished with flowers and the rest of the hairstyle is shaped with a wreath.

3) Relaxed fairytale hairstyle with florets

In this photo by Andrey Volkov, the deep bun of the boho bridal hairstyle is loosened up by allowing some curly strands to fall slightly out of the bun. With ivy and loose florets, the hairstyle exudes a relaxed, romantic charm.

4) “Half-Up” boho braided hairstyle

With the following bridal hairstyle idea from Kassinka, the bride does not have to choose between a braided hairstyle and loose hair. In the photo by Kassandra Poleshuk, the top hair is braided in braids of different widths, and the bride's long hair falls in gentle waves over her back.

5) Bridal hairstyle like a forest fairy

This extraordinary bridal hairstyle in the photo by Alixann Loosle is reminiscent of the fantasy of a forest fairy. The long plaited plait is loosened up by green plants that run through the whole plait.

6) Elegantly braided, low-set bun

The next boho bridal hairstyle with the red flowers goes particularly well with autumn. The flowers embellish the low-set bun and loosen up the tightly plaited braids along the head. You can find these and other hairstyles in the post about braided bridal hairstyles with real flowers on the Miss K says yes blog.

7) Center parting and fine floral wreath

In this bridal hairstyle in the photo by Martin Spörl, a fine wreath of flowers with small white roses and green twigs lovingly complements the simple bridal hairstyle with a center parting. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for a veil.

8) Colorful flower potpourri with a deep bun

This summery, colorful flower hair ornament in the photo by Katja Heil is definitely an eye-catcher. The unusual combination of different flowers and narrow leaves with blackberries loosens up the otherwise rather strict bridal hairstyle with a deep bun.

9) Extraordinary bridal hairstyle with light plants

Even with this bridal hairstyle with thin twigs and small leaves, you feel immediately reminiscent of a wood elf. The idea in the photo by Jen Huang unites a classic bridal hairstyle imaginatively with unusual hair accessories.

10) Side braid with feathers

With this side braided herringbone braid, the extraordinary fringe of hair catches the eye. It is adorned with narrow golden leaves and pheasant feathers. You can find the whole post about braided bridal hairstyles with real flowers on the Miss K says yes blog.

Author: Meta Liebmann

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