User support cost formulas for SaaS applications

Economic feasibility study of virtual infrastructures


1 Economic feasibility study of virtual infrastructures Marco Rosin Citrix Systems GmbH June 2013

2 Citrix is ​​a cloud computing company that enables mobile workstyles

3 Market Leadership # 1 Desktop & App Virtualization # 2 Cloud Networking # 1 Public Clouds # 2 Web Collaboration

4 desktops & apps as a service

5 Connection of employees to their applications Separation of the components Transformation: Work is not place Remote access Virtual computing Mobile workstyles

6 relevance?

7 Approach: - Classic workplace environments - Virtualization and the objectives pursued with it - Costs - Possible approach - Increase in profitability 8

8 Typical desktop life-cycle profile apps OS machine Traditional desktop Installed on the PC Installed on the PC Installed on the PC PC as an end device Hard-coded desktop management 1. Procurement 2. Imaging 7. Backup 3. Securing 4. Rolling out 8. Disposal 6. Maintenance 5. Monitoring methods, tools and processes when using PCs in the company 1. Procurement of new hardware 2. Create installation images Installation images with apps, OS and configuration 3. Secure, assign users, encryption, antivirus, etc. 4. Roll-out Set up configured hardware at the user's premises 5. Monitoring performance and uptime 6. Maintenance patches, updates, drivers, new apps, etc. 7. Backup avoid data loss in the event of an error 8. Disposal Remove the required data from the hard drive, dispose of the hardware

9 Conventional roll-out of desktops Complex through local installations User data / profiles Applications Desktop OS hardware

10 11 The alternative: desktops and applications as-a-service

11 Virtualization and the goals it pursues


13 Green IT

14 Consumerization will drive more change in IT than any other trend

15 BYOD Workshifting Micro-apps Mobility App stores

16 Development in the Enterprise Mobility Market BYO Devices Manage BYO Manage Manage Devices Corporate Devices

17 Possible cost analysis based on an example.

18 IT costs for conventional desktop operation

19 costs


21 Profitability influencers and procedures

22 Hosted virtual desktops a step in the right direction Data center end device Challenges Virtual delivery protocol Hard-coded profiles VM1 Apps OS VM2 VM3 Machine VM4 Poor performance High storage costs Complex lifecycle management Virtual machine infrastructure

23 Citrix XenDesktop 7.5 Virtualization thought through to the end users per server hosted shared desktop VMs per server USER PROFILE APPS VM VM VM VM OS 1 user per Blade PC Business Personal Blade PC Blade PC

24 Citrix XenDesktop 7.5 Virtualization thought through to the end users per server hosted shared desktop VMs per server USER PROFILE APPS VM VM VM VM OS 1 user per Blade PC Business Personal Blade PC Blade PC

25 Desktops & Apps as a service Any workstation Any device

26 1. Research phase Phase / element: Tasks: 1. Research phase Coordination Discussion of expectations and motivation for considering the economic effects Presentation of the potential in the environment of a desktop / application virtualization Discussion of the indicators / parameters with which savings potential can be realized. Submit a first questionnaire for high-level data collection

27 Customer workshop phase / element: Tasks: Analysis phase / workshop phase Define requirements List of user requirements Top-level architecture Business workshop Define user classes Define user behavior / access Define application landscape Access paths Desktops on virtual machines Desktops on individual hardware Shared services User provisioning Discuss business aspects ( Interview guideline) Cost structure of the IT processes Desktop as a Service Finding a solution Discussing the criteria used Discussing the assumptions made Discussing the decisions Working out the critical success factors

28 Calculation phase Phase / element: 2 research phase Final research and presentation Tasks: Use the Alinean methodology for the first input of the previously researched database. Work out the missing data and make the possible assumptions. Calculate the savings potential with the help of the Alinean tool, discuss the calculation bases upon request at Excel formula level Creation of the final report Presentation of the knowledge gained Work results Following the research phases and the workshop, you will receive the relevant documents Recorded data sheets from the data research Result log with the developed parameters (e.g. the client devices, user numbers, access routes, application sets,.) Diagram of the developed Target architecture TCO / ROI report based on the Alinean method and the project results The work results will be discussed and discussed with you in the final presentation.

29 The AppDNA Process Flow All Applications MSI Import Analyze Report Remediate NON-MSI Web Application DNA Only minutes per application

30 Readiness Matrix Windows Desktop Server Based Computing Virtualization Complexity

31 A new employee begins. Employees at work An employee leaves the company.

32 A new employee begins. For the employee's IT entry in the AD employee, auto. The assignment to his role in the company He receives the rights for the associated apps. and the associated access to data

33 Follow-me data is immediately available with the role-dependent processing options. A new employee begins. For the employee, Log on via receiver Finds his app store with the self-service functionalities. Subscribes his app s

34 Security Policy Controls User authorization requires access with mobile device Local storage allowed Offline access allowed Restrictive document sharing Printing allowed Editing allowed

35 Status changes for employees Deactivate accounts App accounts & data access delete immediately 3rd party SaaS app licenses can be assigned to other accounts or deactivated immediately

36 Advantages for IT Delivery of all business applications on every end device Secure company data on all end devices, regardless of whether on private or business devices The access control is controlled depending on the job role, the end device, the location and the connection Increases mobility and flexibility IT for the support of new devices, applications and services. and reduces costs

37 Citrix 2014 all in one

38 App Store Mobile Workspace Infrastructure & Services Collaboration & Support Data Sync & Sharing 1010SSL101SSL Windows & Mobile Apps Windows Desktops Networking & Cloud Infrastructure

39 Work Anywhere Services Anywhere 1010SSL101SSL Create Collaborate Share Build Deliver Scale

40 Work better. Live better.