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Title (required field)I don't like anymore
Inquiry date26. 10. 2009
Question (required field)Hello dear Tschau team, so I feel cruel, I merko dasi widr in the hole kio and s * dischmal heavier widr widr üssaz cho. I have no strength me, I have broken all of it, vam first vani na almost forgot hengii.Abr now hani just no strength me drzüä. D Leeri makes it impossible to forget or nu nit z liäbu! I'm at Endi. Willi mi feels so shit han hani mr mini hair 20cm cut off, and with the latest hani just not hungry, I don't like anything. Jedu morgu stani at 4 uf willi simply niit chan penu. At 6 gani da dar vani mini last remember himu han. And he runs jedu morgu to miär verbii wiä ich air weri. That sounds now vili ubrtribu, but I'm addicted to pain. If I feel pain and then I shit at Bauo, merki for a few seconds d Kelti üssetzu and I merko dasi nu lebu. I'm addicted dr na mis innera la sterbu, dr pain ish e siä just glorious! It makes mr free wunde üfzschreku and mr es messr ind d e arm z stossu. Abr dr urge nam ritzu het neglected. Dr pain isn’t satisfactory, so hani mr internal pain is haggard! I have asthma. Mina Doctor het mr verboto z räüku. But I like the urge mis Lebu uftz spil z setzu niit widrsta. Mini colleague powerful ski I want to take d Alta bi. Even HE worries shi !!! 1 I like nima! I just don't have any strength! Please write to me quickly! I don't know how langi nu ushaltu ohni mr werkli no eppis aztüä !!!
answerDear lisa_beiter Thank you very much for your trust. I firmly hope you are a little better today. As you write, you are really going through a very difficult phase in your life. We have already written to you several times about what you can try to get through such a difficult phase in life (such as trying to distract yourself as often as possible, do yourself good, etc.). You seem to have already tried different things (new look with cut hair) or you go outside in the cold so that you feel that way and don't have to cut. It is very important that you try to cope with this situation as well as possible. But despite all the tips and your attempts, you still seem to be doing very badly and different people are already worried. And sometimes there are situations in life in which you also need outside help - simply because you can no longer manage it yourself. Therefore, dear lisa_beiter, sit down with your best friend and tell her that it is now necessary that you get help and that you turn to a youth counseling center. And you can see it like this: You can't lose anything, you can only win (namely that you will slowly get better again). Therefore: ask your girlfriend if she would support you. This can be that she accompanies you there for a first appointment or makes the first phone there. Please contact the following address: Briglina Alte Simplonstrasse 37 3900 Brig-Glis, Tel .: 027 924 40 74 E-Mail: [email protected] Internet: Even if Brig shouldn't be near you. Call there anyway. They will be happy to give you a job near you. Such positions are free and if you don't want to, nobody will find out that you have registered there. As you can see, it is definitely worth a try - it takes a little courage, but there is a great possibility that you will feel a little better afterwards. I wish you a lot of strength and courage. By the way: We are interested in your opinion! How satisfied are you with You can find a questionnaire under the following link: Thank you for taking part in the survey!

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