Where will Dogecoin be in 5 years

Crypto Madness: Apocalyptic Forecast for Dogecoin

Bitcoin has more than doubled at its peak since the beginning of the year and reached a new all-time high at $ 64,863 last week. Dogecoin - now in 5th place among the largest crypto currencies according to market cap - beats this development by far and has increased in value by up to 8,700 percent in the same period. For the further development of the fun crypto currency, however, this expert sees black.

"I see the Dogecoin as a speculative bet, as it will likely implode if the bubble bursts one day," says Eddie Ghabour, author and managing partner of the Key Advisors Group, in an interview with Yahoo Finance. Of course, Dogecoin and many other Altcoins are an exciting topic of conversation because of the enormous price movements. “But I don't see them as real assets,” said the analyst.

“I look at the crypto market exactly like the tech bubble in the 1990s.” It burst in March 2000 and something like this will happen again. “We are in a bubble again. This is the reason why the prices of many assets are rising so much. And crypto is the most speculative of all asset classes, ”says Ghabour.

Bright future for Bitcoin and Ethereum

To label him as a crypto skeptic would, however, fall short of the mark. Because he believes that Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular have good development opportunities in the future - and not just for the coming months, but for “many, many years”. One of the reasons: In contrast to Dogecoin, they have just developed into an asset class that institutional investors are increasingly discovering for themselves.

However, according to the investment expert, investors who are active in the crypto sector must be willing to take risks. Because short-term price movements of 20 or 30 percent in both directions are normal here. Even if it takes some effort to buy when everything seems to crash: He himself used the setback last weekend to buy more in his private crypto portfolio.

Looking ahead to the next few quarters, Bitcoin and Ethereum are likely to remain among the most profitable investment options, said Ghabour. And even if there was another big crash like the one after the 2017 rally, these two would not collapse completely.

The price development of Dogecoin is unbelievable and does not have to end at the current level. The target price of one dollar per DOGE has been circulating in online forums for months. With the ever steeper increase, however, the risk of a severe setback also increases - especially since the crypto currency offers little practical added value and, unlike Bitcoin, is inflationary. Therefore, at most, very risk-taking investors should dare a short-term trade here.

Those who want to be active in the crypto market in the long term should, on the other hand, rely on the heavyweights Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here, too, it can rumble heavily at times, but the long-term prospects are correct.

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