Why did Kawasaki discontinue Vulcan in 2000

Kawasaki VN 2000

The cure wave of the VN 2000 alone makes the purchase of a weight bench superfluous. It weighs 20 kilos, the complete engine at least 135 kilos. The 200 rear tire or the 177Nm torque is also gigantic. The Kawa VN 2000 is a real show-off bike. When comparing giants, it is currently only losing out to the even larger Rocket. The V2 engine houses two gigantic 103 mm pistons and has exactly 2053ccm available. Incidentally, the pushrods on the engine are not a fake, the Kawa V2 is driven by a camshaft located below.
135 kilos of chrome and steel

The layout of the chassis is well-known. The tank, seat and stern are not very spectacular and reflect classic cruiser design. For the front, on the other hand, they dared to try a more aggressive design. The VN 2000 is certainly a bike that many tuners and custom bikers will still enjoy. There is enough space on the 370 kilo iron to let your creativity run free.

The most beautiful moment on the VN 2000 is always the sacred first spark in the gigantic combustion chamber of the Kawa. The first few strokes of the engine leave no one indifferent and one would like to switch off the engine immediately so that it can be started again. You can feel and hear the mighty masses of the engine and know exactly what power you have with your right hand. Every sugar on the throttle gets masses moving which otherwise only Hulk Hogan can lift out of the socket.

The water cooler on the VN2000 is hardly noticeable between all the mighty metal.

For the first few meters on the Kawa, oncoming traffic has to get to safety. The mighty wheelbase of 1735mm is a small handicap for inexperienced cruiser hands at the beginning. The exit from the garage results in a slightly larger radius than I am used to from the ZX6-RR. But already during the first trip I learn how to balance and maneuver on the big truck almost perfectly. Due to the low center of gravity and the fat tires, the Kawa can be chugged around corners extremely slowly, carefully and precisely. You just have to trust yourself and just put your feet on the pegs. Once the load is in motion, it won't tip over again anytime soon.

Really big butt.

The first tour with the VN 2000 took me from Wr. Neustadt through the humpbacked world to Kirchschlag. From there over to the Wechsel area to Kirchberg am Wechsel. Ideal area for the Japanese 2 liter cruiser. The handling in gentle curves is astonishingly easy in view of the considerable masses and even in hairpin bends you have a joy after 3-4 practice turns. It is best to brake gently into the hairpin with the rear brake and glide through the curve at a steady speed. Anyone who jerks around on the gas in the hairpin with the 2 liter engine like a learner driver in the first lesson is clearly punished with a rather non-circular egg line through the curve.

By the way, the destination of the excursion was the Molzbachhof in Kirchberg am Wechsel. The quite inexpensive wellness oasis in Wechselland offers all the healthy stuff like massages, home-baked bread and a mighty sauna area, above all the most brilliant Kaiserschmarren in the northern hemisphere. The portion is worthy of a VN 2000 pilot and the kidney belt must then be adjusted a little further in any case. Highly Recommended.

Obviously, there were also numerous retirees in the quiet area at Wechsel. I was afraid of angry looks from the eager strollers when I disturb their sacred calm with the VN 2000, but experienced a blue miracle. The experienced retirees seem to have a good eye for motorcycles and have recognized that the VN 2000 is a real relaxing instrument.

The purchase price of the VN 2000 could easily be earned again in 1-2 years. Simply mount a piggy bank on the tank and ask for 1 euro for each time you try it out. Everyone wants to get down to business.

The motor of the VN 2000 accelerates the mighty iron to over 200km / h on the speedometer. The forearms become quite long by then, but it is enough to put a bit of a halt to goshtered golf prolos. The chassis and brakes work well enough to get the bike reasonably fast through curvy landscapes. However, if you want to heat a little more with your cruiser, it is better to use the VN 1600 Mean Streak. There is an upside down fork and a ZXR brake system installed. The VN 2000 is just a classic cruiser and cannot quite keep up with its "little" and "sporty" brother when it comes to performance. But that will certainly not bother those people who decide in favor of a VN 2000.

"Men never change! Just the size of their toys" ... Such nonsense

Extract of technical data:


2-cylinder four-stroke V-engine, 8 valves, OHV


76 kW (103 PS)
at 4,800 rpm


2,053 cc


Petrol injection


Double loop tubular steel frame

Dry weight:

340 kg

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