What is the most general college degree

academic degree

With a university degree "get the general university entrance qualification"

With the (professional qualifying) Completion of a university course of at least six semesters (standard period of study) at a university, a technical college or equivalent university a university entrance qualification corresponding to the general university entrance qualification awarded if the course was previously started without having the general university entrance qualification. Strictly speaking, the Abitur is not acquired, but "only" an equivalent qualification.

The corresponding regulation can be found in University laws or relevant statutory ordinances (e.g. qualification regulations for studying at universities) of all German federal states.
abi-nachhaben.de has compiled the 16 legal bases in a PDF (free access).

Attention: When applying for a further undergraduate degree, you are considered to be a second degree applicant after completing your first university degree, which in some cases severely restricts your chances of admission in degree programs with restricted admission, because usually only a few percent of the study places are reserved for second degree applicants!

With the pre-diploma / basic course for subject-related higher education entrance qualification

With the achievement of a certain At a university of applied sciences (e.g. completion of the intermediate diploma, intermediate examination, basic studies, three semesters, 90 ECTS points, ...) in some German federal states one of the subject-related higher education entrance qualification equivalent / corresponding higher education entrance qualification (see e.g. Hessian Higher Education Act, Section 54, Paragraph 3, Clause 2; Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Education Act, Section 33, Paragraph 1).

Depending on the federal state or university, the number of possible subjects that are associated with this degree may differ.