Will Obama ever support Bernie Sanders?

Democratic party congress : Sanders and Obama will save the unity of the party

That could have been eye-catching. The first day of the Democratic Convention began with a lot of conflict. Angry leftists demonstrated in Philadelphia after leaked emails showed that the party leadership supported Hillary Clinton in the primary and worked against rival Bernie Sanders. At breakfast events, representatives of the party executive were booed, including chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who announced her resignation on Sunday because of the affair, and Nancy Pelosi. Even the protesters' hero, Bernie Sanders, reaped the boos when he tried to calm the mood that morning and called for the election of Hillary Clinton to prevent a President Trump.

A shock: Trump leads the polls

Some people suspected that something was at stake here. The polls deal another blow to the Democrats. The Republican party conference the week before had apparently mobilized their base and given Donald Trump a boost. In the average of the most recent surveys, it has not only caught up with its deficit. It even leads, if only very thinly: with 44.3 to 44.1 percent.

When a noticeable number of Sanders supporters with protest posters took their seats in the late afternoon shortly after admission to the arena, employees from Clinton and Sanders met for a crisis meeting and discussed how to keep emotions under control. In the evening, four outstanding speeches by Senator Cory Booker, First Lady Michelle Obama, Senator Elisabeth Warren and finally Bernie Sanders will help save the unity of the party. But whether insight is the driving force or rather the nightmare of a Trump presidency if the Democrats fall apart remains to be seen.

Merkel's Reem is Clinton's Karla

The choreography for television prime time from 7 p.m. initially serves the self-esteem of the Democrats in a soft way. Karla Ortiz, an American counterpart to the Palestinian girl Reem, whose families feared deportation, thanks Hillary Clinton. She promised her to do everything so that the family can stay. Little Karla and her mother are now calling for a reform of the immigration law and are promoting "Hillary Clinton for President", Karla in English, the mother in Spanish.

In an effort to ensure unity, the organizers do not shy away from kitsch. Cabaret artist Sarah Silverman, a fan of Sanders, and Al Franken, who has turned comedian to senator, a Hillary fan, call for unity after all sorts of jokes that would have fit in any late-night show.

Kitsch can also heal

Then they push around, they form a "bridge", on the one hand to the merger, on the other hand to the next item on the program. Paul Simon takes the stage and sings "Bridge over troubled water". Even though it looked cheesy - “a bridge too far”, judges a TV commentator: The kitsch leads to touching scenes. Democrats on the right and left take hold of each other's hands and sway in the familiar tune. At the same time, the cameras show Bill Clinton in the audience, slightly tense, but apparently satisfied with the development.

Enter Cory Booker, Senator from New Jersey and a rising star of the Democrats. He gives a combative and at the same time inspiring speech. He attacks Trump hard: He generalizes that all the hard-working Latinos are criminals and rapists. Trump mocked the disabled. And divide society. Booker connects the attack with a democratic counter-draft: America is strong when the citizens get together and see their differences as wealth. “If you want to move quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, team up with others, ”he quotes a saying. And concludes: "Love trumps hate" - love triumphs over hate.

Michelle Obama cares as a mother

It's now 10 p.m. Michelle Obama doesn't even mention Donald Trump's name. But everyone understands what it is referring to. She speaks as a mother. How difficult it is to convince children of ideals in these brutal times. How much effort it takes to keep telling your daughters that they shouldn't listen to the ugly words in the election campaign: that their father is illegally president because he supposedly was not born in the United States.

The motto must be: "When they go low, we go high." The lower the level of the opponent, the more one should strive for moral height. In this election campaign there is "only one person who I trust and who is qualified for the highest office: our friend Hillary Clinton," admits Michelle Obama. Clinton stood up as a lawyer for disadvantaged children and fought as first lady for general health insurance. She does not hide the fact that eight years earlier she was on the other side. But when Clinton did not win the fight for the candidacy against her husband Barack Obama, "she did not give up, but served the country as Secretary of State". Clinton is "the person I want as President for my daughters".

Because anyone who has the codes for nuclear weapons must not have thin skin, must not be vengeful. He has to be balanced and well informed. 140 characters are not enough for that, Michelle Obama alludes to Trump's preference for Twitter.

And what does he mean by the claim that he must first make America “great” again. America is already "great". A country where a black became president. In which young African American girls can become anything. In which a woman can become president. "Don't let anyone tell you that this country isn't great already."

The voice of the left

Elisabeth Warren doesn't give such a rousing speech. It fulfills a different function. She is the voice of the party left. She would have liked to see her as a runner-up candidate. “Wow, what an evening”, she joins the cheers first: “Michelle Obama, Corey Booker - and Bernie Sanders is coming soon.” The arena cheers again. "Thank you, Bernie, for reminding us what we're fighting for."

America is faced with a choice between an egoist who only thinks of herself and a woman who fights for others, says Warren. She was the daughter of a prison guard, became a teacher, then a professor at Harvard, and now a senator. So America is really a "Land of Opportunity".

There is a lot of money and wealth in America, but unfortunately it does not “trickle down” to the poor, as the Republicans have been promising for decades with their theory of “trickle down” economy. “Donald Trump is cheating on the people, he is cheating on them Worker, he must never be president. ”Has he ever come up with a practical plan - other than to build a stupid wall?

In the end, she takes on central Sanders' suggestions, for example this: "If banks take too great risks, break them open!" The reactions are not as enthusiastic as to Michelle Obama and Cory Booker. But Warren, in her own way, eased the pain of Sanders followers.

Sanders gets an ovation

And now the real hero follows, introduced with video scenes from his election campaign, underlaid with the song “All come to look for America”. All over the arena there are blue posters with his name on it. The ovations are so loud that he cannot begin his speech for a long time, but can only keep saying "Thank you". He begins by thanking his “hundreds of thousands of volunteers. To the millions of citizens who have supported him with small donations. “Does everyone still know how high the average donation was?” - “$ 27” replies the arena in a chorus.

Sanders thanks all the Americans who helped in the primary elections to get him delegates in 1846. And he thanks these delegates in the arena. For a moment it seems as if he wants to make it exciting again. "I look forward to your vote tomorrow," said Sanders.

"The revolution is not over"

But then he takes the announced turnaround. “I know that many of you are disappointed with the results of the primaries. But we can be proud of what we have achieved. Our revolution is not over. Elections come and go. The struggle for citizens' rights continues. The struggle for economic justice continues. And I will continue to lead him by your side. "

As upset as some of his followers were that morning, it seemed clear that Sanders couldn't just call for Hillary Clinton to be elected. He must justify the content of this recommendation well. “This election is not about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or me. It is about the needs of the citizens and the future of our children and grandchildren. It has to be about ending the decline of the middle class after 40 years ”, Sanders introduces his appeal.

“The next generation must not have a lower income.” It is “not fair and unsustainable that the top tenth of one percent have as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent.” 800,000 people have lost their jobs when Wall Street greed led to the financial crisis. President Obama has brought the economy back up. Hillary Clinton will continue down this path.

And then the call for Hillary - no boos

The key question is which candidate better understands what needs to be done. Not bombastic words, not scare tactics, but practical improvements. “That's why Hillary Clinton has to be the next president.” Now the arena is cheering. There are no boos to be heard, like in the morning, but a few cheering "Bernie" shouts. Some of his followers in the hall cry silently. And a few have their mouths tied as a sign of protest that they feel condemned to remain silent.

Sanders now enumerates his arguments: Clinton wants to raise the minimum wage, Trump wants to lower it. Trump wants tax cuts for the rich, Clinton doesn't. It's about who will appoint the next constitutional judge. And about climate change; Trump claims it's an invention, Clinton thinks it's real and wants to do something about it. "We have to unite and not allow ourselves to be divided."

"No TPP" - then it's done

"It's no secret that Hillary Clinton and I don't agree on everything," says Sanders. “But when the election manifesto was being discussed these days, we threw our ideas together.” His supporters are now shouting “No TPP!” - no free trade agreement with Asia. Then it's done. Bernie Sanders did everything possible that evening to get his supporters to Hillary's Camp.

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