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Translation of "infinity" in German

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Infinity Infinity Eternity Infinity Infinity Infinity Camera


I was lost in infinity forever.
Because with enlightenment the ego dissolves into infinity.
Because the ego is in the enlightenment infinity dissolves.
In this infinity read the stimulus of eternal labor.
Both works involve the representation of infinity based on mathematical research.
Both works relate to the representation of infinity based on mathematical research.
Smallest means closest to negative infinity.
The smallest number represents the closest approximation to a negative one infinity
The 1 and infinity symbols represent a one-to-many relationship.
The 1 and the symbol for infinity represent a 1: n relationship.
For Makarov himself, it offers a feeling of infinity.
It all sounds very large minded: an art expressing infinity.
It sounds very open-minded: an art infinity to express.
He discovered the Steiner surface which has a double infinity of conic sections on it.
He discovered the surface of the Steiner has a double infinity of the conical sections across them.
I have to say that I keep looking at infinity and no-dimension for understanding.
I have to say that I keep on going infinity and non-dimension look to understand.
Canson always has the key to infinity.
In my case, an intuition of infinity is added.
MagentaMobil XL thereby takes the existing range of tariffs to infinity.
MagentaMobil XL extends the existing tariff offer into the infinity.
Excellent music score by Zero Project will surround you in a space and infinity atmosphere.
Excellent music score through Zero Project surrounds you in a room and infinity The atmosphere.
Bolzano's theories of mathematical infinity anticipated Georg Cantor's theory of infinite sets.
Bolzano theories of mathematical infinity awaits Georg Cantor's theory of infinite sets.
Immense joy, infinity, the entrance to paradise.
A side trip that takes me to infinity.
Thanks for the Magic, to infinity and beyond.
Aristotle was first to speak about the "potential infinity"of all objects.
Aristotle was the first to talk about the "potential infinity"spoke of all objects.
Let's join the Orion and her crew on her patrols at the edge of infinity.
Let us accompany the Orion and its crew on their patrol duty on the edge of the infinity.
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