What brings a person to the shadow ban on Twitter

How can I check if your Twitter account is blocked from Shadows?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and also one of the most popular ban platforms. In case you are concerned about the likelihood of your Twitter account being banned, there are a few simple tricks you can use to check it out.

Following the 2016 presidential election, Twitter received backlash from the press for allowing a toxic environment on its platform. To prevent this from happening, Twitter began promoting the concept of healthy conversation and shadowbanning an analysis of the feelings in the tweets.

What is shadow prohibition?

To be clear, Shadowban isn't as bad as a permanent ban, the two are completely different. Shadowban will temporarily stop some functions of your account if you've done something that Twitter doesn't like. The Shadowban ban will be so subtle that most people won't even notice. Here are the features that will stop working if your account is locked in the shade.

1. No search

This ban will cause your tweets to be hidden from search results including hashtags. Your tweets will not be visible regardless of whether the quality filter is enabled or disabled. Most of the time, your tweets won't get recommended to many people either. In any case, this is a temporary ban and is a common occurrence for many people.

2. Prohibition of search suggestions

This is kind of a lite version for the search ban. Your account will show up in normal searches for people who interact normally and don't notice a difference. Your Tweets may not be suggested to others, nor can they find them in search results including hashtags.

3. Ghost Ban

This is formerly known as thread prohibition. However, with this ban, your replies will not be visible to anyone viewing the text “This tweet is not available”. If you've already seen this message, it means your account is most likely ghostbanned. However, the main account holder cannot see any of these issues what the name Ghost Ban means.

4. Answers deboosting

This is a bit similar to Ghost Ban, but instead of pausing to view the tweet in full, Reply Debooting hides the responses behind a barrier and only loads them when the "Show more replies" button is clicked. Sometimes one or more of your answers will end up in this section, but that doesn't mean your account is “Answer Deboosted”. If most of your responses show more responses even without incorrect language or copyright content, your account may be under the responses reboosting ban.

How can I check if your account is Shadow Banned?

There is a tool called Shadowban.eu that allows you to provide your username and that will show which Shadowban is on your account. Your account may contain few or no prohibitions. Or luckily, if your account has all 4 bans, it just means that your account is only visible to you, not others. Here are some examples of the test results.

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How can you tell if your Twitter account is permanently banned?

ShadowBan is like a Twitter warning sign that your Twitter account is about to be banned. These can be temporary bans that Twitter has implemented for security reasons and that are usually lifted within the next 3 to 7 days. However, if your account gets banned frequently and even gets banned without you tweeting anything, it is a clear sign that your account has a good number of characters that need banning.

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