Are boys and girls good roommates?

8 things that will make you know you're living with boys

Living together is already a complicated matter. The most exciting things happen between house parties and the argument about tidying up afterwards. A special case arises when a girl moves into a boys' flat share. The following things will surely sound familiar to you!

1. You alone have twice as many shampoo bottles in the shower as your roommates put together. In general, you hardly ever get in each other's way when it comes to bathroom occupancy. However, one thing is vital to his bathroom: room spray! (we all know why 😉)

2. You are the mom substitute and explain every time anew how the washing machine works or how to cook pasta. Without your cleaning plans, the apartment would be a battlefield. As far as the organization is concerned, you are simply the head of the flat share!

3. Even after years without your decoration, the apartment would still look like you have just moved into (apart from the smelly socks that seem to be flying around in every corner).

4. Whether you want it or not, you have an absolute knowledge of football, gambling and types of beer and thus regularly gain respect from the male sex.

5. The beer bottles are piled up to the ceiling and you could easily go out to eat really chic with the deposit. In general: a case of beer must always be in the house, “just in case”.

6. You have your very own bodyguards who always protect you on the way home and keep strange guys away from you. It is not uncommon for them to serve as your alibi friend at parties, but the real roommate will be happy to take on this task.

7. You have mastered the language of men and have understood that, depending on the accentuation, the favorite word “age” means different things:

  • without special emphasis: "What's going on?" or greeting in general
  • long drawn out “Alteeeer”: expression of respect, appreciation and enthusiasm. When you reap such an "age", you have done something very right!
  • briefly and emphatically “Dude!”: Most likely football is playing and you are in the picture. Or you ate the last pizza rest that was still in the fridge.

8. You have learned to take some things easy and not to worry too much. Living with boys makes you more relaxed!

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My name is Anna, I used to work for Studitemps and wrote articles for Jobmensa magazine. Studying, enjoying living in a shared apartment, working, partying - this was roughly what my everyday life in Cologne looked like back then. I studied German and media culture studies and therefore knew exactly what concerns us students. In the Jobmensa magazine I shared my experiences and the latest student trends with you and gave you useful tips for everyday university life.