Where can I find free server hosters

Professional web hosting for your website

A good web host is the be-all and end-all for everyone who wants to actively shape what is happening on the internet. If you want to create a professional website, you should go to Performance and service pay special attention lay. Because only a well, smoothly functioning and attractively designed website will attract visitors in the long term. Whether you are planning an information portal, an online magazine, an online shop or similar: Good service pays off and is preferable to web hosting with free hosters for many reasons.

  • No advertising
  • Numerous tools for designing and optimizing your website
  • Many other inclusive services at low prices
  • High security standards for your website and your data
  • Competent and friendly customer support

Better than with free web hosting providers: the freedom of advertising

There are numerous free hosting offers on the Internet. The so-called freehosters provide free web space for blogs and websites. This is usually financed through advertising that appears on the pages of the individual users in the form of banners and pop-ups. As a site operator, you generally have no influence on what is advertised on your site. In contrast to this, web hosting at STRATO is not free, but it is ad-free. This is particularly important for reputable, professionally operated websites, as an advertising-financed website always looks a bit dubious.

Your own real domain included

As a rule, you do not have your own domain for hosting with a free provider, but only a subdomain or a subdirectory. If you do not want the name of your web host in your domain name, then you should fall back on professional, inexpensive web hosting at STRATO. Here you can choose the right one for you from a variety of domain endings and combine it with your desired name. This is how your website gets its own unique address on the World Wide Web.

And not only that: Now you can create subdomains yourself. This is particularly useful if, for example, you run an online shop at wunschname.de and the associated blog at blog.wunschname.de.

Also better than with free hosting providers: Cheap web space, as much as you want and need

In terms of web space, STRATO is also ahead of a free web hosting provider. With these you have only very limited storage space available. If there is no longer enough space, you run into a problem: Either you have to switch to a - usually overpriced - paid plan, or you have to move completely because there is no such thing as a paid plan. This is also easier from the start:
The tiered tariff system from STRATO enables you to have exactly as much web space available as you need. Should your internet project grow, you can easily switch to a higher tariff package.

Numerous open source software included and easy to install

Content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla !, but also Gambio as online shop software, can be installed free of charge and with little effort. Makes this possible WordPress & Co from STRATO, who will guide you through the installation of the programs in just a few steps and describe exactly what you need to do to implement your CMS hosting, step by step. This of course also applies to other useful programs that can also be of considerable use to you in your everyday work.

Professional features that no free hoster will offer you

Most of the time, no free hoster offers you design options that are relatively flexible when it comes to databases, the use of programming languages, FTP access, etc. goes. If you have a database at all, it is usually only one, that's all there is to it. Programming yourself and writing the functionalities of your website in a programming or scripting language other than PHP usually makes no sense, because such languages ​​are rarely supported. Not so with STRATO: Here you can Design the entire website yourself, and not only in PHP, but also in other languages ​​such as Perl and (in higher tariff packages) also in Python and Ruby.

E-mail inboxes and flexible mail space

In the private sector it may still be acceptable that your Internet address is name.webhoster-name.de and your email address is [email protected] In the business area, however, this no longer looks very serious and you should take this into account when hosting your homepage by choosing your e-mail address to match the individual domain name. With the hosting packages from STRATO you have numerous email accounts are available. The highlight is the flexible mail space: You decide for yourself which mailbox needs how much storage space, because not every e-mail address needs the same amount of storage space. A general [email protected] probably does not have to save as much as an address like Geschäftsfü[email protected]

Easy to be found on the Internet

For business websites in particular, it is important to appear as near the front of the search results as possible on Google and other search engines. With the rankingCoach, STRATO also offers you an optional tool that you can use during the Search engine optimization (SEO) is at your side with words and deeds: Your website will be analyzed and, based on the results of this analysis, the rankingCoach will give you tips on how you can significantly increase the probability that you will achieve a high ranking. You will be supported in optimizing by numerous videos and step-by-step instructions on how to best achieve your goal. Sometimes even small changes mean that you can be found more easily on Google & Co.

STRATO: More security than web hosting, which is free

Free hosting can never offer such high security standards as STRATO guarantees:

  • Security for your website:
    Protect yourself and your website visitors with the optional SiteLock tool: SiteLock keeps malware, malware and DDoS attacks at bay.
  • SSL certificates:
    With SSL certificates, which you can also book cheaply, you can encrypt access to your domain. This is particularly important as a signal of trust for customers in online shops and other websites that deal with sensitive customer data.
  • Security for your emails:
    ServerSide AntiVirus and AntiSpam successfully protect you from spam and viruses, Trojans and other malware that could otherwise end up in your electronic inbox.
  • TÜV certification according to ISO 27001 for the STRATO data centers:
    STRAT is newly certified by TÜV according to ISO 27001 every year, so that you know that your data is well protected. The certification covers not only the electronic data backup, but also the physical security of the server.

Enough reasons against "Webhosting for Free" and for STRATO, right?

Benefit from the flexibility, the experience and the favorable tariffs of STRATO, one of the leading providers of web hosting in Germany. Why should you be satisfied with the limited offer of a free host when you can take advantage of the comprehensive service of a professional web host for little money, who is always at your side with questions and problems via FAQ, email and telephone?