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Dubai - vacation from 1001 nights

The desert city on the Arabian Gulf has developed into a tourist hotspot in recent years, and not just because of the wide range of shopping opportunities. Dubai is one of the wealthiest emirates in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and knows how to combine tradition and modernity into a fascinating travel destination. A visit to Dubai is always worthwhile, and this article gives some valuable tips for a successful 1001 Nights vacation.

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What is the ideal travel time for a vacation in Dubai?

If you travel to Dubai, you can look forward to sunny weather all year round. Rainfall is extremely rare here - even in the period between November and March, it only rains an average of one day in Dubai. The ideal time for a vacation in Dubai is from October to April - especially for those who want to escape the cold and snow in Germany. Because there can be no talk of winter in Dubai, as temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius can prevail even in the “cold” months of December and January - and that with an average of eight hours of sunshine per day.

Dubai - a paradise for sun worshipers all year round

In the midsummer months between June and September, however, the thermometer often climbs to 40 degrees and above. Water temperatures of approx. 30 degrees then no longer bring any real cooling. This is why these months in Dubai are considered the low season. When the temperatures rise, the travel prices drop, and those who use comparison portals on the Internet can book a dream vacation in Dubai at a real bargain price during these months. Even those who are less fit for heat will always find a cool place, because Dubai is well prepared for such high temperatures - shopping malls, restaurants and hotels naturally have excellent air conditioning. Price comparison and travel planning with Check24 are definitely worthwhile in order to find out the ideal travel time.

Dubai - a shopping paradise

It is part of a Dubai vacation like the Christmas tree - extensive shopping. From trendy shopping containers to huge malls to small boutiques in side streets and bazaars on the beach - Dubai is the ideal place to shop until your credit card glows.

Dubai - a city of superlatives in every respect

With more than 1200 shops, the huge Dubai Mall in the center of the city offers countless options for shopping fans who can find everything from clothing, watches and jewelry to decorative items and cosmetics to carpets and furniture. And thanks to electronic maps, it is not at all difficult to find your way around the endless expanse of the mall. Malls and shopping centers are usually open all day until 10 p.m., while smaller local shops often close at lunchtime for two or three hours.

A stroll through an Arab market, a so-called souk, is definitely an experience. It is imperative to haggle here! If the customer does not do this, the retailer is annoyed because he concludes that the set price is too low. And if the customer immediately responds to the asking price, they are paying far too much. So - haggling is a win-win situation for both sides! In supermarkets and malls, on the other hand, it is very European. It is not customary to bargain on price here.

Nothing works here without haggling - a typical Arab bazaar

How do I dress in Dubai?

Even if Dubai is modern and cosmopolitan, the traveler still moves in an environment shaped by Islam. So it should be a matter of course to stick to the rules and traditions of the host. That means whoever moves around in public should be covered from shoulders to knees. Cropped T-shirts, hot pants, mini skirts and spaghetti straps are taboo. On the beach, however, “normal” swimwear (not “topless”!) Is common.

What should a Dubai vacationer not miss?

Dubai has much more to offer than shopping malls, futuristic architecture and sunshine. A visit to the former palace "Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum House", which is now a museum, and the Jumeirah Mosque are worthwhile. There is also beautiful Arabic architecture to be admired in the Bastkiya district. If you want to learn more about culture and history, you should make a detour to the Dubai Museum. And for many visitors, a desert tour including a camel ride, four-wheel drive, henna painting and Arab barbecue at sunset is the highlight of a holiday in 1001 nights.

So then - Welcome to one of the most fascinating cities in the world, or as the locals say: “Ahlanwa sahlan”!

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