How can I rap better

How To Become A Famous Rapper - These 21 Tips Will Lead You To Success

For many, becoming a famous rapper is a dream. But is it an unattainable dream? Of course not, because there are many rappers who have made it to global fame and many more who aspire to this dream. Why not, after all, hip-hop is a growing market and one of the most important music genres worldwide. Hip-hop as a profession is quite feasible, if not guaranteed. These 21 tips can help you become a famous rapper.

1. Learn to rap

Basically, rap is about To dress words in a rhythm, in rhymes, in a structure and to perform to an audience. Good rappers, however, understand what makes one good flow it comes about which rhymes work correctly, which stylistic figures arrive, how repetitions or word games are used correctly. It can't even hurt that German book to get out of school again and get along with To deal with poetry. Many stylistic devices at Goethe and Co. also work - in a modified form - with rap. Of course, you should also listen to what famous rappers have to say about their art. You may give one or the other helpful tip in interviews. You can also watch documentation or studio recordings to learn about their art.

2. Practice every day

There are several ways you can learn to rap properly. The most important thing, however, is that you practice daily. Whenever and wherever possible. Someone who wants to master their craft properly practices every day.

  • Even if you think you don't have time, you need to find small windows of time to practice your rap.
  • For example, a daily exercise might consist of doing a rap from normal sentences that you just said of yourself.
  • The most important means of success is Discipline and consistency. Only those who are ready to devote themselves to their art every day can ultimately become really good. Don't think you'll get famous just sitting lazily on the couch.

3. Listen to a lot of hip hop

Listen to a lot of hip hop. Preferably also daily. Listen to the greats of the genre, for example the American masters of the subject like Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West. Even if they rap in English and you actually want to perform German lyrics for the best, this can still help to get a feeling for rhythm and flow.

Of course there are also famous rappers in German-speaking countries, from whom you can learn a lot: Samy Deluxe, Bushido, K.I.Z., Kool Savas and many more. Don't stop at the well-known names, however, but dive deeper into the scene, look for unusual talent outside of the mainstream and broaden your horizons about what is possible in this genre.

By listening to music you like, you will also find your own style. Take a close look at the various techniques and styles that made rappers famous. Even if you only listen to their music casually, you are passively sucking up their art. By looking closely at their lyrics, you will get to know the scene better, its culture and its inside jokes. If you, as a rapper, fail to recognize a familiar allusion from the scene, then you stand there with your pants down.

Don't be afraid of being influenced by other artists. None of these famous rappers completely reinvented the wheel. They were all influenced by others. However, there is a difference between being an impersonator and someone who takes inspiration from other rappers.

4. Keep the beat

Apart from the lyrics, the Rap all about the beat. A beat is usually by your side to help, but it's also up to you to keep the beat. You don't have to be a trained musician to do this. However, if the word "beat" doesn't mean anything to you in this context, then it may be time to get your exercise books out of your music class ...

5. Decide what types of lyrics you want to write

Before you really start writing the lyrics, you should be clear about what they are supposed to be about. Give yourself a try and follow your inclinations. It also helps to experiment every now and then and try something new.

Also, write as much as you can. The more you write and experiment with different lyrics, rhymes, verses and word combinations, the more material you have to fall back on. A tip: it's best to always carry a notebook with you. After all, you never know when inspiration will hit you.

  • You can rap about what you know and want to share with other people. About your experiences, fears, dreams, what makes you angry and what makes you happy.
  • Or about the nightlife, clubs, big carts.
  • Maybe your talent and interest is more in funny and nonsensical content?

6. Learn synonyms

By learning synonyms, you can access a large repertoire of words access. Synonyms broaden your horizons of what is linguistically possible and can help you find the right rhyme.

7. Consume pop culture

Read a lot, watch films and series, consume pop culture. It is not necessary to read Brecht to become a famous rapper. But it's about language and you only really learn it if you read a lot. Much and also different. Watch a lot of movies and series. Not just to entertain you. It's about soaking up pop culture and, through it, yours Enrich lyrics with allusions and quotes. Many famous rappers give their lyrics special meaning by adding quotes and allusions. This gives the texts a special meaning. Only when you really understand what they're rapping about do you understand why they became famous.

8. Practice your performance

The ability to perform your lyrics and your technique on stage has a significant impact on your success as a rapper. To survive on stage, you need confidence and charisma. Therefore, practice your rapping out loud in front of the mirror. A tip: memorize the lyrics of rappers you like. Then rap yourself while playing the instrumental song. Then you can try to perform the song a cappella. However, don't try to just imitate your idols. Find your own voice, your own style.

9. Your name

Before you go on stage or take your first recordings, you need an artist name. With “Anne-Marie” and “Johann” you won't cause a stir in the hip-hop scene. A good stage name is especially important in hip-hop. Think about it carefully because if you want to get famous and practice rapping as a profession, you may find yourself wearing it for decades. It should reflect your identity, stand out, and let people know who you are just by hearing it.

10. Connections

As in any other job, connections are extremely important. In the beginning, it can be difficult to reach out to people in the industry and get them to listen to you. However, the earlier you start, the better. Connections can be songwriters, music and video producers, promoters or DJs. Don't be too picky, any person can help you become a famous rapper.

A tip: Don't just collect business cards, try to establish a real connection with people. Become their friends and they will remember you.

11. Social media

Every type of artist needs one or, ideally, several social media channels. These channels are your online presence and should therefore contain your rapper name. When it comes to social media, many will tip give up just on one focus few channels. Social media take time and care. If you try to serve 10 websites at the same time, you will not achieve anything. Some like Instagram, others just like Twitter, SnapChat, TikTok or YouTube. There is no such thing as one right choice. use the channels that suit you and on which you can best communicate with your fan base.

12. Beats

Beats are the foundation on which your own rhymes and lyrics rest. You can't produce a song without a beat. There are several ways to get beats. Here are a few tips:

  • Beats can also be bought online. Various websites such as and offer beats for euros. But you also have to be willing to spend money on it.
  • Even more expensive is the purchase of equipment and software that you can use to create beats yourself. Creating really good beats is an art in itself. You may not have the talent for it, which doesn't necessarily mean you won't become a famous rapper. Many rappers don't create their own beats, they rely on producers.
  • You can also use the instrumental version of popular rap songs, but make sure you don't violate the copyright.

13. Record your music

There are several options for this too. You can either book a studio or create your own studio in your apartment. The latter costs more money and also requires a certain understanding of the technology. For this you can work in your studio whenever you want. But if you lack the technical expertise or you just can't afford all the equipment, you can always book a studio.

In one professional studio are the Admission conditions mostly better than in your own four walls. However, you can only use the studio for a limited time. Hence a Tip: Prepare yourself comprehensively, because you don't get the chance every day! No matter how well you prepare, still take several shots. Even professionals take several recordings.

14. Mix music

Then it's about mixing the song. In simplified terms, the rap is placed on the beat. But mixing music is a craft in its own right. With a little practice you can do it yourself. However, a professional who knows how to do this job is likely to be better at producing mixed music. Not only does the rap have to match the beat, the sound and volume also have to be adjusted.

15. Produce a mix tape

A mixtape is not an album, but it can be the first step towards one. When you've recorded some songs, it's time to think about a mixtape or a demo. The mixtape is like an aspiring rapper's calling card. Nobody expects the mixtape to sound as good as a real album. It's an amateur recording. But there are a few tips that can lead to a better mixtape.

  • Don't randomize the songs. They should provide a structure or even form their own narrative.
  • The mixtape needs a cover. You can use a photo or draw an abstract cover yourself with a program. If you know an artist, you can ask them to help you with the cover.
  • Burn the mixtape onto a CD and distribute it or make the recording available online for free.
  • If you don't have enough songs for a mixtape, you can also release a single.

16. Take the stage

The next thing is to present yourself to an audience. A mixtape alone is not enough, you also have to be able to entertain and inspire an audience. If you're starting from the bottom, you have to make a name for yourself first. Aspiring rappers can prove themselves in rap battles. Not every rapper has to be good at freestyle, but that's a great way to showcase yourself. If the direct competition is not for you, then look for other hip-hop events in your area.

17. Promote your music on the net

It's not enough to just put your music online and have a few social media accounts. There are other ways to promote your music online. Send your mixtape to blogs and other websites that are about hip-hop. This is how you can get reviews too. And don't get angry if not every criticism is positive. In this case, being heard and making yourself known is more important than the opinion of individual critics. In order to become famous, you have to learn to take criticism anyway.

18. Hire a manager

Of course you can also manage yourself. However, on the way to becoming a rapper as a profession, this work will get over your head. While you are spending time booking the next gigs, you are not practicing your rap or writing the next few lyrics. A manager can relieve you of the tedious work, negotiate deals, find appearances, advertise you, etc.

19. Work with fellow rappers

Hardly any rapper really works alone. Rather, it is a large community of artists. Collaborations are constantly being made, groups are forming, individual artists sing a few of their verses on other rappers' albums. Networking well with other rappers can go a long way toward helping you achieve your goal of becoming a famous rapper.

  • Learn from the great: Other rappers can give you helpful tips and take you under their wing.
  • By appearing on another rapper's album, you are introduced to his or her audience.
  • This also applies to the live performances of other artists: Enter the stage with them and win their fans for you.
  • But also give something back when you become famous! Remember how you got there and also give unknown rappers a chance.

20. The record deal

Finally the longed-for goal: the record deal! With a big label behind you, you are well on your way to becoming a famous rapper. This is just the beginning of your career. Labels can reach a much larger audience and put a lot into producing and marketing an artist. But be careful: a label always wants to earn money. Take a close look at the record deal and have it checked. There has to be something in this partnership for you too.

21. Remain independent

Alternatively, there is still the possibility of indie your way. The internet makes it easier than ever to market yourself. This gives you more effort, but also the 100% control over your creative work and income. You can also start your own, independent label.

These tips don't guarantee that you can become a famous rapper. This not only includes discipline and a lot of work, but also a good deal of luck. If you take these tips to heart, however, you will have a better chance of becoming one of the greats at some point.