Which word could change your life?

How a single word can change your life

When you can make your life happier, more successful, more contented with one word - or whatever is important to you - could design ... Would you do it?

The good news: It's possible!

What is that word? Well, that's the bad news: we don't know what YOURS is, because everyone has their own. Finding out your life changing word is your sole responsibility.

Good, but we already have a few tips and ideas for you on how to track down your word.

Resolutions and declarations of intent? Forget it!

The idea of ​​looking for a single word to initiate change came from Dan Britton, Jimmy Page and Jon Gordon, who together wrote the book "One Word That Will Change Your Life".

The trigger for this idea was a simple observation and then a simple question. The observation: Almost 90 percent of people make good resolutions for the New Year on New Year's Eve. The question: Why did more than half of them give up all of these good resolutions before January is over?

Obviously, the concept of “I-find-out-what-I-want-to-change-in-my-life-and-then-take-this-change-completely-very-firmly-in front of me” is quite a pretty one weak, lifeless concept. These resolutions do not work or almost never work.

The next question is logical: which concept works better?

The authors have a suggestion: Do not focus on a good resolution, only on one word! A word that will motivate and inspire you over the next few months.

The idea is as simple as it is clever: Resolutions and letters of intent are complex and you can quickly forget a however, a single word is easy to remember and it is as easy as possible!

The good thing about it: You don't have to go until the evening of December 31 wait to implement this concept. You can do it anytime. So now, for example. You don't have to be faithful to this word for 12 months either, but at least three months it should be before you choose a new word.

One Word That Will Change Your Life

How to find your word:

1. Take your time outside of the hectic everyday life. No computer, no cell phone, no Twitter, no emails. Ideally, you go somewhere where, firstly, you are undisturbed and, secondly, feel inspired. This can be at home, while walking in nature or wherever.

2. Ask yourself two questions:

a. What do I need? (not "what do I want" or "what I would like to have")

b. What's stopping me?

Anja answered that for herself as a test:

a. What it needs: Stimulation through encounters with interesting people who make a difference and whose life is anything but eighty-fifteen. Conversations that really challenge and advance you ...

b. What is keeping them from it: Convenience, routines and lack of ideas where to look.

3. Let your word come to you: If you think carefully and deeply about these questions, the right word will find you. It will shine on you, it will be on your tongue, you will see it.

Anja: Even while she was thinking about the previous questions, it was clear to her that her word means "premieres". Premieres are things you do for the first time. Things that are new and creatively stimulating, e.g. attending events that she has never attended before and expanding her network with new, exciting people ...

4. Do nothing but let your word inspire you for the next few months. Integrate this word as conspicuously and prominently as possible in your life so that you will be reminded of it again and again. Whether as a screensaver on your notebook or as a background image on your smartphone or as a note on the wall or as a post-it on the bathroom mirror. It is important that you are reminded of this on a regular basis.

It can also be helpful if you share your word with people in your immediate environment - i.e. with your partner, your children, your colleagues, your friends. Ask these people to help you keep the word present in your life. If you want, you can of course not only find an individual word for yourself, but also one for your team, for your family, etc. - a word that should inspire you together over the next few weeks.

Anja: She told Peter about her word “premieres” and at that very moment she even wrote it publicly in this post, which wonderfully increases the commitment for herself.

So far so good. But what happens then?

It works!

For Anja, the first consequence was that she was on the lookout for premieres. Whenever she is in a strange city, she simply looks beforehand on platforms such as Xing or LinkedIn to see if there are any exciting events there that she is not yet familiar with. For example, she came across the "Davos for Geeks", the web summit in Lisbon, which takes place there every November.

In this way Anja met great people in the first weeks of the “premiere” that she would otherwise never have met. She has interesting conversations that she would otherwise never have had, and she comes up with new ideas that she would otherwise never have had. So exactly the desired effect - it works! Very cool!

Just try it out. Find your word and integrate it into your life. For three months, a year or something in between. You will find that a single word can actually have a lasting impact on your life!