What will the future prison look like?

This is what the Rottweil prison should look like

A preview of the future large Rottweiler prison in the middle of the countryside is now possible - at least if the winning design of the architectural competition presented by the Ministry of Finance is also implemented. A jury had unanimously decided on the concept of Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH and el: ch Landschaftsarchitekten GbR, both from Munich, according to the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday.

A computer graphic shows from the perspective of the Rottweiler elevator test tower how the prison would be embedded on a plateau above the Neckar valley. "The jury particularly praised the convincing urban-landscape integration through the development of the building complex along the contour lines as well as the positioning and structuring of the building through set courtyards, which create a differentiation and scale of the overall facility that is perceptible inside and outside," explains the ministry. "In addition, it was shown that the selected design suggests that the measure will be implemented economically. In addition, two second prizes, a third prize and three awards were given."

"In Rottweil, a multifunctional correctional facility is to be built with a total of 500 places, of which 470 places are in a closed area and 30 places are in a home for free", says a project description from the state. The places are needed because the current occupancy situation in the closed prison is tense. "In addition to accommodation buildings, there will also be buildings for administration and the areas of education, sport and leisure, as well as for supply and disposal facilities. The sports hall can be used by neighboring communities and clubs," continues the description.

The institution will primarily be responsible for prisoners from the district court districts of Rottweil, Hechingen, Konstanz and Waldshut. Around twelve hectares would be required for the construction.

Now, thanks to specific planning, there should also be reliable cost calculations after an initial cost estimate had to be increased from 120 million euros in 2017 to 182 million euros. On June 14th, the draft will be explained at a public information event in the town hall in Rottweil.

Published in the Rottweil district