Where do you get magnetic eyelashes from

Fake eyelashes were worn long before the Kardashians - but in the past they were only beautiful in exceptional cases

“Fake Lashes” are currently the undisputed main characters on the face. As fat as censor bars and inches long, they have outdone their rubber dinghy lips and whitened teeth whitened by Tipp-Ex.

«You have to blink your eyelashes,
when you like a boy
How else is he supposed to notice you
how on earth?
You have to blink your eyelashes
when you like a boy
Just wink with your eyes
Klimper, what holds the eyelash. "

Eyelashes wherever the eye looks. In length and density never imagined. Where does the obsession come from? The number one trendsetter is still the USA: Whether nose job (Nose job), boob job (Breast augmentation) or intimate surgery (Intimate surgery): The United States with the beauty epicenter Beverly Hills is the measure of all artificial things. This is also where the trend towards artificial eyelashes arose.

The “ghetto Zurich woman” and reality TV participant Elena Miras is currently showing her in the “jungle camp” or in “I'm a star, gets me out of here”, the young kiosk seller at Bellevue has her and who else knows. Artificial eyelashes are the new artificial nails.

Signal effect: vulnerability, innocence, willingness to flirt

They stick to the eyelid like fat censor bars, so that you can hardly look away from them. How can it be that 20-year-old girls or even younger look like transvestites of the eighties? How come The eyelashes surround the eyes, those sensory organs that signal the willingness to flirt with the other - or your own - gender. A skillful glimpse of the eye may be more efficient than a strong serve in tennis, but it is unthinkable without eyelashes.

In mammals and also in humans, the curly hairs are able to signal a need for protection, innocence or a willingness to flirt, depending on the situation. L'Oréal (“because I'm worth it”) is promoting a “Bamby Eye False Lash Mascara”, which is supposed to give things extra momentum and the benefits just mentioned. So far, the beauty industry has taken too little notice of them, in the hierarchy of the aesthetics of eyes, brows and eyelashes they took third and last place. Now artificial eyelashes lead the ranking.

The Lower Saxon pop singer Renate Kern, who also appeared under the stage names Nancy Wood and Nathalie de Navarre, had a modest hit as early as 1968 with the courtship imperative «You have to strum your eyelashes», but only today are millions following her and strumming harder than all piano students added up in the world.

Invented by a man

Eyelashes are a woman thing, no question about it. Although, if you consider that the immediate neighbors of the eyelashes, the brows, are plucked into shape with great precision even by testosterone-charged football gods like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo, you can no longer be 100 percent sure.

Women who have received little attention from Mother Nature resort to glue and eyelash curlers, which are also known as eyelash curlers and are slightly reminiscent of a surgical instrument. Those who shy away from glistening chrome steel: These things are also available in plastic, at least in ten colors from baby pink to turquoise.

False lashes or fake lashes are also called artificial eyelashes. It was invented by a man with a name that still resonates in the cosmetics business and beyond: Max Factor. As early as 1927 he embellished the silent film star Phillys Haver with his invention for her role of the jazz and schnapps-loving murderer Roxie Hart in "Chicago", which experienced various remakes, most recently with Renée Zellweger as Roxie.

Applying artificial eyelashes is anything but a breeze. The best way to learn it is from a drag queen or through a YouTube tutorial. Whether full or individual eyelashes, with or without an eyelash curler, is up to each adhesive. In the end, you just have to bewitch the eyes.

Hyped up by Twiggy, loved by Cher

In the Swinging Sixties it was the British photo model and Twiggy, the beanpole, who stylized eyelashes into a “real thing”. Her babydoll head looked huge in relation to her body, as did the sleeping eyes fringed by endless artificial eyelashes. In fact, the British company Yardley brought “Twiggy Lashes” onto the market and advertised them with the words: “The first truly sincere lashes for your deep, huge Twiggy eyes. Uncurly, undyed, unfussed. . . real." A truly "false" promise. In the 1960s, eyelash gluing was still the most nerve-wracking hobby of every style-conscious girl on both sides of the Atlantic.

The queen of the spectacular eyelashes, however, was an American, the ultra-glamorous - and still performing at the age of 73 - singer and actress Cher.

The lashes are back - thank the Kardashians

In the 1970s, Cher was considered hotter than hot, now even the gazelle of yore must be grateful that she doesn't need a walker yet. Today it is definitely celebs, above all the Kardashians, Kate Perry or Miley Cyrus, who helped fake eyelashes make a comeback. What has not changed, however: It is still easier to flink your eyelashes than on the piano.

«Nice legs, long hair
they don't do it alone.
Even with a pretty dress
Don't you catch a boy
There are many beautiful girls
don't be shy, don't blush.
You have to blink your eyelashes
with the oversupply. "