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Game description:
Chase McCain is back and has to arrest Rex Fury again in his latest adventure. The game is the successor to the Nintendo 3DS game "LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins". In the manner of the Lego games, the player hops through the huge Lego world, destroys objects, reassembles them and takes on various tasks to hunt down the criminals. Because in addition to the main story, there are numerous side missions and hidden secrets that can be found gradually through unlocked skills. In particular, the option of the Wii U controller with integrated tablet screen was used to make the game as interactive as possible. In "LEGO City Undercover", a completely new world is created, unlike in other Lego games, which mostly use famous film series as a model (see assessment of "LEGO The Lord of the Rings").

Pedagogical assessment:
Everyday life as a police officer
Chase McCain is the definition of cool in his job as a cop. He doesn't take every rule or instruction seriously and likes to turn a blind eye. This is precisely why the figure was particularly popular with the younger male testers: “The sayings from him are completely funny” (tester 10 years old). In the role of Chase, the player sets out to explore the city, pull other Lego figures out of their cars in order to "borrow" them, drive fast races, destroy objects or shoot other figures with their grapple pistol which, however, recover quickly after a brief shock. This game principle reminded the testers very quickly of another well-known series of games, for which they are, however, still too young: "This is like GTA for children" (tester 12 years old) (cf. assessment of Grand Theft Auto V). And indeed, the game is reminiscent of the gangster epic in many respects. However, one does not have to rise up in gangster circles here, but is on the other side of the law. Chase tracks down the criminals, delivers exciting chases with them, beats them up and arrests the criminals - there is no killing in the Lego world.

The Wii U makes it possible
The testers particularly liked the Wii U tablet, which is cleverly integrated into the game. Because Chase also owns a similar technical toy and receives his orders through this. If this is the case, the player can also look at the tablet and see the Lego lady who provides all the important information about the current mission. In some situations, the player also has the option of holding the Wii U gamepad straight ahead to scan the Lego environment and track down suspicious people. In other situations, the tablet displays the interactive map on which the waypoints can be marked. As a result, the group often argued about the tablet and the viewers did not always know which monitor they wanted to look at.

Unlimited possibilities
Although there is a fixed story, the player has the opportunity between the missions to explore the entire world and to do side tasks. It is true that the testers often lost sight of the storyline because of this, but we had an expert in the group who had already played the game through privately and was not tired of explaining the missions again or mastering them himself. The other testers also found out about the additional options for unlocking new vehicles and learning additional skills. Because over time, Chase receives various disguises that allow him to perform special skills. In the robber's disguise, for example, he can pick locks, carry out explosions as a miner or use a teleporter as an astronaut. And there is quite a lot to discover in classic Lego fashion. In addition to unlockable vehicles and costumes, gold Lego bricks or studs could also be collected, which function as currency in the Lego world.

Fight in a comic book style
The game's humor is very child-friendly and the older generation also had to do more than smile about some scenes. Especially since the game contains an incredible number of references to well-known films such as Titanic, the great white shark or Dirty Harry. The younger players could not start with these allusions because they lacked the necessary prior knowledge, but still enjoyed themselves. The fights in the game also correspond to classic cartoon “violence”. Figures fall apart into their individual Lego parts, but stand up again after a short time.

Chase McCain's adventures were great fun for the different age groups in our tester group. The open game world could always offer a lot of variety and the players could choose where they wanted to go next and which lane they wanted to follow. The Lego look and dynamics of the game as well as the humor are designed in an appealing way for younger and older players. Since most of the text is spoken and written explanations are usually provided with the symbols of the buttons on the controller, reading skills are only necessary to a limited extent. However, the players should have a certain level of competence in handling the controller in order to be able to coordinate the control with the rather large tablet controller.


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