What is korean love jeong

Jeong Yu-jeong

»Jeong tells the story calmly, soberly, not at all bloodthirsty - the horror is only gradually emerging, from multiple perspectives, with flashbacks and flashbacks, a novel within a novel.

Florian Welle, Southgerman newspaper, Munich

“Who is the culprit? The reason that detective stories often work so well is that the reader can get a little shudder when they read about the crimes of others. Always with the certainty: I'm not as degenerate as they are. Psychologically, Jeong Yu-jeong shakes this certainty with great skill. Your protagonists have feelings and qualities that we know all too well about ourselves. Jeong Yu-jeong shows us that we make it too easy for ourselves with her search for the truth. It does not matter whether the story takes place in South Korea or in Europe, it is not always the social or external circumstances that drive one into crime. They are decisions that we make in a split second that can be sometimes banal and sometimes fatal. And sometimes both together. Most worrying. Very exciting. "

Elena Gorgis, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Berlin

»The author developed a 500-page arc of suspense with sophisticated sophistication, which plunges deep into human inadequacies and the nightmares that emerge from them and describes this psychologically in such a comprehensible way that one could feel queasy. Because that the story of the dam and the water takes place in South Korea, one could easily forget. "

Peter Weishaupt, P.S. newspaper, Zurich

"Tension and drama are enormous, the ground is fragile, since the 500-page book is about the world between facts and truth."

“There's a lot of water in this story. Not only does the dammed water of the lake stand for dammings of psychological and other kinds. In his nightmares the father goes again and again to the well of childhood and throws his own father's shoes into it. And below, deep down in the Seryong reservoir, lies an abandoned village into which the dead woman, who also bears the name Seryong, falls, before the eyes of the diving ancestor. Seven years of night is crime fiction as hyperactive soul hydraulics, fragments of the past are washed up again and again to the surface. "

Ekkehard Knörer, Friday, Berlin

"In addition to the confidently constructed story of tension with its realistic, empathetic characters, the novel also provides a glimpse of a country we hardly know: Korea."

Reinhard Jahn, WDR 5, Eat

"This grandiose, gloomy thriller tells not only about a crime, but also about its pre- and post-history."

»The novel offers a good insight into modern South Korean society, especially the gender ratio and the image of men. Recommended not only for all fans of modern Asian literature, but also for crime fans who like to think outside the box. "

Peter Bräunlein, ekz book reviews, Reutlingen

“A tremendous thriller! Not because he was particularly bloodthirsty or because he was trying to gain the reader's favor with such showmanship. Rather, it is the deep immersion into the dark abysses of the human soul that captivates one in this story. "

“The novel doesn't give you time to catch your breath. With merciless language, the story unfolds with magical power. "

Huh Mikyung, Hankyoreh, Seoul

»Seven years of night captivates from the first sentence. "

Shin June bong, The Central Times, Seoul

"Complex, dense, subtle novel from South Korea that is a thriller, milieu study and philosophical reflection at the same time."

Ulrich Noller, WDR 5, Eat

»Jeong Yu-jeong works with polyphonic narration and leaps in time, thus increasing the tension and the drama of the story. In doing so, however, she never leaves the ground of reality. In any case, reading this novel takes you quite a bit. "

Wolfgang Bortlik, 20 minutes, Zurich

»Seven years of night is an exciting masterpiece that was joyful page after page. In three words: Exciting, psychological, worth reading! "

»Jeong Yu-jeong manages brilliantly to maintain the tension and interest and to resolve extremely confusing situations for the readership, even for the protagonists. Another great reading recommendation. "

Klaus Beck-Ewerhardy, www.sandammeer.at, Vienna

“What a start: 'I am my father's executioner.' It can't get much better there. But! On five hundred pages. Every single page pulls the reader deeper into its spell. Jeong Yu-jeong weaves a gently pushed story between imaginative language images and tough facts. Your unorthodox narrative makes us shudder again and again. "

"You are gripped by history as if by an undertow and never let go of it."

Park Loksam, Seoul Shinmun, Seoul

“Exciting and psychologically sophisticated. Every sentence hits the mark. "

Uh Soowong, Chosun Ilbo, Seoul

»Jeong Yu-jeong presents a breathtaking novel full of linguistic power and incredible power. It's a nifty story that you should look twice at, because it has clever twists and turns and many surprises in store. "