Has anyone rented an apartment through Shinijia

Shuichi looked at Amuro. "If you don't want to be exposed, you shouldn't accompany us any further."
Amuro bit his lower lip. How he would like to be in the villa now to see the face of the person who was rum. Not only the FBI but also the Japanese security police would be much further along in their investigations. And yet he had to keep his cover. It was unknown whether rum or someone else from the organization was still around. Amuro couldn't risk it. "The FBI has no authority in Japan," he began. "So I assume that you will keep me up to date on any news."
Akai looked at him briefly, but then kept walking. He pulled out the cell phone and called Camel. "How far are you?" He wanted to know from Camel.
“Everything so far prepared. You can come. ”Camel looked around. Not only was the mansion big, it also gave you plenty of room for surveillance. Shuichi had set himself up in the study with several monitors and he heard that the agent also had several cameras active.
With quick steps Shinichi followed the FBI agent into the mansion. It felt like an eternity since he could be himself again. Suddenly the surroundings seemed very different to him. And yet he did not lose sight of his goal. Careful not to run into the arms of the police, they chose their path wisely.
Shinichi couldn't wait to get into the villa. As soon as Akai opened the door, he ran in and made his way purposefully to his father's study. Camel sat in front of the screens and frowned. He sighed. Why had another mistake happened to him? If only he hadn't followed the girl's scream. It was his fault again. Another human life was now on his list. A person he couldn't save because of a mistake.
"What happened?" Shinichi wanted to know when he came into the room. "Didn't the camera record anything?"
Camel looked back. He was visibly confused. "Eh ... you are ..."
"After," Akai replied calmly and went to the screens. "What does the recording show?"
"Something you won't like," he said. Camel took the mouse and clicked back and forth between two windows. When he got to the video, he let it go.
The three present looked spellbound at the screen. A person was seen walking towards the professor's house. However, he was wearing a cap and had his face on the floor.
"He knows about the cameras," Shinichi muttered.
"That means he's been watching the area longer." Akai thought about it. "Camel, have you noticed a strange person near the villa or the house in the last few days?"
The agent considered and shook his head. "There was nothing."
Shinichi crossed her arms. “The organization does not know who rum is. Everyone describes him differently. So it is very possible that he always spied on the area as someone else. "
Akai nodded. “The way he approaches the matter, it wasn't a coincidence. You should be distracted so that he has a free run. "
Camel swallowed. "I ... I'm ... sorry," he uttered softly.
“You did your duty and wanted to help someone. Nobody's going to blame you for that. ”Akai looked back at the picture. Rum had disappeared into the house for a few minutes before he came out again and finally disappeared.
"Let's look at it again."
"Again?" Asked Camel. “I've seen it three times already. You won't discover anything new, ”he interjected.
"I see it differently," Shinichi countered immediately. “The second time we see it, we focus on other things like the environment or rum's movements. Perhaps we will then be able to get a hint.
Akai started the video again. Again they saw the same scene. And then again and again. "This time he showed himself in his true form," said Shuichi after the fifth sight. “He was sure that his plan would work and has therefore waived all security measures. But we can hear Rum's voice. "
Shinichi nodded. "And I already have a guess who rum is," said the high school student. He looked at Akai. "I have to look at a phone book."
"Help yourself."
Shinichi moved the mouse and looked in the online directory for the correct entry. "There."
“Rum won't be there. Even if he planned to find out where Rum lived, the apartment is a trap. "
"I suspect that too," said the high school student. "Amuro should send people there, but they should be prepared for anything."
Akai gave a slight grin. He pulled out the cell phone and called Bourbon. He did not hesitate long. “I'll give you a name and an address right away. Send your people from the security police there, and preferably also a defuse squad. It is a trap."
Bourbon growled softly. "Don't tell me what to do."
“You still have to do something for me. Let your people find out if Rum has a second home, rented rooms, and so on. Hurry up."
"Akai," hissed the undercover agent, but only heard the whistle on the other end of the line. Bourbon clenched his fist, but knew he had other priorities now.
Shinichi could not sit still in the villa and did research on the computer independently. Only after an hour did the redeeming call come. The Japanese security police were able to trace a hut in the forest back to Rum. Shinichi listened to his feeling. He knew that Ran was being held there and ran off. He could and he didn't want to wait any longer for the security police and the FBI to come up with a plan. He had to go to Ran. As quickly as possible. Shinichi ran like the devil himself was after him.
After a good half an hour he reached the edge of the forest and made his way to the hut. Even if it smelled like a trap, he accepted everything to save it.
Shinichi slowly felt his way to the hut. He looked through the window first. It looked like Ran would be fine. She was sitting on a chair. Her arms were drawn back and her hands were cuffed. Her feet were free, as was her mouth. And she talked. Probably with rum. Shinichi tried to memorize the room so as not to make a mistake afterwards. He stared at rum. When the organizer looked at the window, the high school student ducked. Rum was alone. At least now he had an advantage.
Shinichi crept to the door. He took a deep breath. There was no other way. He had to put everything on one card. Suddenly he pushed the door open. "Let Ran go."
Rum looked at him. "I see you found your way here, Shinichi Kudo," said Rum and smiled. “I just had a chat with your girlfriend. Well most of the time she talked to me and tried to convert me. You can tell she has no idea what you dragged her into. "
Shinichi looked briefly at Ran. The girl suddenly looked scared. "Shinichi, run"
The high school student looked at Rum again. "Please let her go. Ran has nothing to do with the matter. She is innocent. I promise she won't say anything about you. For this I put my hand in the fire. If you've researched me, you will have come across Ran too. You must have read a lot about her. She is a great person and she always keeps her word. Please ... let her go, ”he pleaded.
Rum grinned. "So now you're not as cocky as you used to be, are you?"
"Please ... Ran did nothing to you ... you ..."
"That only makes things worse for you, doesn't it?" Rum pulled out his gun and pointed it at Ran.
"No," Shinichi shouted.
Rum spun around and fired the first shot.
Shinichi fell to the floor and held his leg in one hand. Suddenly it hurt immensely and the blood oozed from the wound. Shinichi tried not to focus on his needs. It wasn't he who was important now, but Ran. He had to put his sensitivities behind. Out of the corner of his eye he saw how Ran shook her bonds.
"Shinichi," Ran shouted in panic.
“Oh, how romantic,” Rum uttered. "What an end for you, Kudo." Rum took two steps towards the high school student. Ran tugged and shook her bonds.
"Shinichi," the girl whispered softly. A tear ran down her cheek. Her great love couldn't die like this, not now that he was finally with her again.
"Do it," said the high school student. "But promise me that you will let Ran go."
Rum snorted. "Sayonara, Shinichi Kudo." He pulled the trigger.
Ran freed herself from her bonds. She didn’t let time pass and ran towards Rum and Shinichi. Ran wanted to use her karate skills, but still felt the aftereffects of the narcotic. Even if the adrenaline was high, she was exhausted. When she saw that Rum was now ready to fire, she threw herself in between.
Ran lay on the floor, but she no longer felt any pain. Shinichi looked at her in shock. He mobilized his strength and crawled over to the girl.
"Ran," he called.
Rum smiled. "That's called two birds with one stone." Just as Rum was ready to pull the trigger again, the FBI and security police stormed the hut. They immediately overwhelmed the organization member.
Shinichi leaned over his girlfriend. "Ran," he said and put his hand on her cheek. "Open your eyes," he asked softly.
Ran did what he said. She looked at him and smiled. His face was panicked and he kept saying her name. She noticed herself getting calmer. "Shinichi," the girl whispered. A slight smile played on her lips. "You are ... safe."
He nodded. "Yes, I am," he muttered. “You have to stay with me, do you hear? You mustn't leave me. It'll be all right, ”he promised, reaching for her hand. It was lying on the abdominal wound. Shinichi felt the warm liquid and swallowed.
"You are fine ... Shinichi," Ran repeated.
"Yes, I'm fine," he nodded. “And you'll be fine soon too. The ambulance is already on its way. Everything will be fine. Ran, you have to fight and persevere. I know you can do it. You can do it, do you hear? You mustn't give up now. And you mustn't leave me alone. "
Ran smiled contentedly. "I'm always with you," she said softly and coughed out the first gush of blood. She squeezed his hand. Now he was with her again. After such a long time. Ran felt more comfortable now that he was there. Because of her he was safe. They had only been a real couple for a few days and she remembered how happy she was. He promised her to take care of her. But now she had. "Tell dad and mom ... that I ... love them ..."
"No." Shinichi shook her head. “You do it yourself, do you hear me, Ran? You will talk to them yourself. We'll meet at your home or we'll go out to eat cake with your parents. And do you know what happens then? Kogoro will yell at me for taking all cases away from him again and because he will continue to worry about you. He will think I am the wrong person for you and he will do anything to make you happy. We'll have fun and go to the cinema ... or an amusement park ... then everything will be different. ”Tears slowly came to his eyes. "We'll ... do so much together ... and when we graduate, you'll study medicine and I'll work as a detective ... we'll get married and have lots of children ... and in a few years we'll have our first grandchildren ... then we will. We'll be." tell them what we have experienced ... ”Meanwhile, his tears wet her face.
"That sounds ... good ..." Ran said softly. The girl slowly closed her eyes. "So good ..." she whispered.
"Ran!" Shinichi shook her cheek. “Come on, open your eyes ... you mustn't ... give up now. Think about what else we're going to do ... you mustn't ... give up now. Please Ran… ”he asked. "Not now ... I love you ... Ran!"
Ran opened her eyes. "I ... love you ... also ... Shinichi." It was her first and last time before she closed her eyes forever.
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