What is the name of the verb with ing

The ing form of the verb - The gerund

When do you actually use the ing shape?

It's not that difficult at all: The ing shape of the verb (the gerund) often follows certain verbs such as, for example Like, love, enjoy and hate.

Tomenjoys listeningto music.
Tom enjoys listening to music.

Lauralikes playingfootball.
Laura likes to play soccer.

The gerund after certain expressions

You also use the gerund (ing-form) after certain expressions such as can't stand or good at.

Harrycan't stand swimming.
Harry can't stand swimming.

She isgood at playingthe piano.
She can play the piano well.


And how do I make the shape?

This is how you form the gerund:

Basic form of the verb+-ing:

  • He is good atplayingtennis.
  • She likesswimming.
  • They all likedoingsports.

The verb ends in -e, then that falls -e in the ing form way:
write = writing
dance = dancing

The verb ends on a short stressed Vowel + consonant, the consonant is doubled:
sit = sitting
run = running

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