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Learning is part of the course and a prerequisite for successful completion. Sometimes proven strategies no longer work or a learning block leads to sleepless nights. Learning coaching is an individual online coaching offer that you can take advantage of regardless of location. A coach can assist you if you sometimes ask yourself one or more of the following questions:

  • How can I cope with the learning material?
  • What learning content should I start with?
  • How do I keep track of things?
  • How do I create a learning plan?
  • What type of organization am I?
  • Is there an emergency plan if the time before the exam is very short?
  • Which learning techniques can help me in my subject?
  • How can I memorize a larger amount?
  • When and how often do I have to take breaks?
  • Is there an emergency plan if the study time is very short?
  • How can I increase my concentration?
  • How can I motivate myself to learn
  • How can I overcome my "weaker self"?
  • How can I stop procrastinating?

Learning coaching as online coaching

How does the online coaching work?
The online coaching takes place in a protected online room with you and your coach. The coaches are special experts on all aspects of learning.
You can take part in the online coaching via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The prerequisite is an internet-enabled device with a microphone and, if possible, a working webcam so that your coach can see you. Special technical knowledge is not required.
The results of online coaching do not differ from face-to-face coaching.

Career online coaching is a cooperation project with the GABAL e.V. network and independent, experienced online coacheswho volunteer for the students. If you have any questions about the background of the coaches or if you are interested in working as a coach yourself, please contact Ms. Marie-Christine Przybyla (

Coaching at the ProfessionalCenter

In addition to individual coaching, the ProfessionalCenter also offers seminars in the area of ​​"Competencies for studies" such as learning, exam anxiety, presentation and much more. Here you can expand your skills and also acquire credit points in the area of ​​Studium Integrale.
In addition to the challenges of learning, it may also be about your job, your strengths or decisions that need to be made. Coaching can create clarity and show you new perspectives and steps to take. The Career coaching from the ProfessionalCenter takes place on site or as online coaching.

Note: The coaching offer does not replace therapy. If you have any further questions about coping with psychological stress or need specific help, you can find a selection of appropriate institutions via the University of Cologne's Advice Finder.

Information on registration & the process

Target group and process

target group

  • Properly enrolled students from all faculties and courses of study at the UoC can apply for the free learning coaching.
  • Doctoral students, students on vacation semester, alumni, guest students and employees of the UoC are excluded from our coaching offer.

The learning coaching is discontinued pure online offer dar and is usually designed for 3 dates, which are free of charge for enrolled students at the university. If you need more or fewer appointments, you can discuss this with your coach.

After receiving your registration, we will forward your request to our learning coaches. Your personal coach will then contact you to make an appointment.
After the coaching you will receive a link to our online evaluation. We ask you to fill this out so that we can ensure the quality of our offer.

Registration for learning coaching


Submit the completed Registration form for career By sending this, you consent to our data protection provisions and the forwarding of the information to our coaches. A coach will then contact you and make an individual appointment with you. With the appointment confirmation you will receive the access link to the online coaching room.

Download: Registration form for learning coaching (PDF)