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5 Common Misconceptions About PPC Marketing

As far as online marketing is concerned, there are different methods to increase reach, get more clicks and accordingly generate more sales. One such method is pay-per-click, or PPC for short. This method is used in both search engine marketing and affiliate marketing. However, it still turns out that many campaigns that rely on this marketing model do not have great success. This is mostly due to the wrong approaches and the fact that many do not really know what and how to use PPC in marketing correctly for themselves. This article clears up the biggest misconceptions about this marketing model and how you can take advantage of PPC marketing.

SEA and SEO are not the same

One view that unfortunately many people on the Internet still share is that they don't need SEA and therefore search engine advertising if they are already focused on SEO and thus search engine optimization. Above all, those who commission agencies for the campaigns and the design of their own website would like to save money at this point. However, both methods have their advantages and should be used at the same time. Often people assume that the methods and goals of SEA and SEO are the same, but this is only partially true. Of course, you want to generate more clicks with both options. The procedure is different, however. SEO is about adapting your own site to the needs and rules of the search engines. By improving the content and thus the texts as well as the design, one then hopes that the search engine will place your own page as high as possible in the search results. However, it will take some time for this to be achieved. This is simply because the so-called search engine bots search millions of pages every day and accordingly not every optimized page can immediately achieve success.

Exactly this shows the decisive difference to search engine advertising. With this you will achieve immediate success. Instead of customizing your own page, PPC marketing simply advertises it. In the form of text or images, the advertising is placed and then at the top of the search results. The payment corresponds to the PPC marketing. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your advertisement. PPC marketing thus has the advantage that you have a better overview of your expenses, but also that you only pay for success. In the long term, SEO is important so that your site actually looks appealing to potential customers. But if you want more visitors to your site immediately, SEA is again essential and thus PPC marketing. Both methods are important because you never know how an Internet user will get to your page. There are many people who deliberately do not click on advertisements. Then again there are people who trust exactly this advertising.

There is Google Analytics especially for this. This tool allows you to see how someone got to your page. This can be done, for example, by searching for your company, but also by searching for specific keywords. But of course also through your adverts. You can then use these values ​​as a guide and see whether search engine advertising or optimization is better for you and whether the PPC model is also useful. At the beginning it is therefore best to exhaust all possibilities and make use of the PPC in order to increase the reach of the site. Search engine advertising alone is of course not of much help if your website does not meet the demands of Internet users. After the optimization, however, the advertising also helps to get new visitors faster.

Success with multiple advertisements

Another fallacy with PPC marketing, and therefore search engine advertising, is that it replaces other types of advertising. Many believe that all they have to do is run Google Ads ads, as most people naturally get to their page through the search engine. In practice, however, there is greater success when you focus on multiple marketing channels. For example, you should also do e-mail marketing and thus advertising via e-mails. Again, Google Analytics can help you here. Because this allows you to see how successful each marketing campaign is. You will be surprised to find that you will be generating clicks from virtually anywhere, not just from search advertising. PPC marketing can thus be seen as an add-on that is essential but does not replace other types of marketing.

The goal of PPC marketing should always be that you address as many people in your target group as possible. Great success can also be achieved in advertising via social media such as Facebook. There, too, you can make use of the PPC cost model. The rule to concentrate on several marketing channels applies not only at the beginning, but also when you achieve greater success. When doing PPC marketing, always keep in mind that you only pay for clicks and therefore don't throw money out of the window. If there are costs associated with this marketing strategy, you will know that you have been successful. As soon as you have the internet users on your side, all you have to do is convince them with your products, services or other things.

An investment in PPC is worthwhile

Another misconception is that PPC marketing is too expensive because you don't get more than clicks on the page. The advantage of online marketing is that you can use various tools to see exactly how many users who have reached the site through the advertising have also made a purchase, registered for the newsletter or, for example, used a service. You can use this information to calculate the CPA and thus the cost per conversion.

The whole thing can be illustrated with a simple example. Imagine you are using PPC in marketing and 1000 internet users have clicked on your advertisement. With your PPC campaign you pay 5 euros per click. So for the 1000 clicks you have spent 5000 €. Now I assume that only a tenth and thus 100 users bought a product in your shop or made use of your service. I also assume that the money that you have made averages € 30 per internet user. This results in an income of 3000 euros. This example first shows that you have lost € 2000. But this is exactly where the problem of many people becomes apparent, as they often give up at this point. But you have to keep in mind that you shouldn't measure the success of your campaign by your sales. It is much more important that your customers are satisfied.

  • Satisfied customers will order from you again or use your services again. You then do not have to generate these customers through advertising, as they already know your site. This means you can start making sales in the future without spending any money advertising these buyers.
  • But also keep in mind that the customers who have not made purchases may still do so in the future. A shop often stays in your mind and you remember it when there is a need for a certain product in the future.
  • With PPC in Marketing you also benefit from recommendations. There are many people who find an appealing internet shop where they do not want to buy anything themselves but know someone who could benefit from the products or services.

In PPC marketing, you should therefore focus less on your sales and only on the clicks. These show that your advertising has achieved success.

Not every click counts in PPC marketing

Many people are afraid of using PPC in marketing because they fear that they will also pay for accidental clicks on the ad due to the PPC model. It is of course entirely possible that an Internet user did not intend to click on your ad. However, Google can distinguish these accidental clicks from actual clicks. You can also view these invalid clicks in Google Ads. You can then report them to Google. There is then the possibility, if it was actually a mistake, to receive a reimbursement of the costs. This shows how safe PPC marketing is in terms of spending.

With PPC in Marketing, in the end, only the relevance of your ad counts. If the advertising fits your site and is also attractively designed, then these erroneous clicks are in principle no cause for concern. Anyone who comes to your site, whether intentional or unintentional, can create an immediate or future sale. Do not forget that with the PPC model you only pay for actual clicks and not for the pure display of advertisements.

PPC marketing must not be neglected

Another big mistake in PPC marketing is that once an ad is placed, it is enough and you can simply let it run. This is exactly where a big mistake lies, which is often the reason why success becomes less and less over time. PPC in marketing can be a huge success from a single great ad. However, this ad doesn't always have to achieve the same results. It is therefore important that you change or adapt your campaigns. Try to bring in fresh ideas. It can often also happen that Internet users have already seen your advertising and there has never been a need for the products. However, if that need suddenly arises, a dated-looking advertisement can prevent you from visiting your page.

A great advantage of PPC marketing is that you can always test certain advertisements. You do not have to run a new advertisement in the PPC model for several months. You can set your budget so that the ads disappear if, for example, they only generated 50 clicks. By adjusting the advertising again, it can then be shown whether it can achieve the same number of clicks in a shorter period of time.

Conclusion: PPC marketing is so important

It turns out that PPC still has an important role in marketing and should therefore definitely be included in online marketing. Always keep in mind that you have no control over how or from where someone finds out about you. While a wide variety of people use search engines, there are also people who will find you through advertising on social media. Exactly these are also ideal for PPC marketing. At the end of the day, it is therefore important that you take advantage of all advertising opportunities for your site in order to increase the reach and to achieve as many clicks and corresponding sales as possible.