How is americium made


Americium, At the, Element of the group of actinides of the periodic table, atomic number 95. It is a TransuraneElement and does not occur in nature. Americium has the electron configuration [Rn] 5f77s2 and is radioactive. Up to now 14 isotopes with the mass numbers 232, 234, 237-247 are known. Americium is produced by artificial conversion of elements, e.g. by bombarding plutonium with neutrons in a reactor:

This isotope is an α-emitter and goes into the long-lived neptunium isotope with a half-life of 432.6a

above. The isotope

goes into two isomers of the isotope when irradiated with neutrons

via: a β-emitter with a half-life of 16h and an α-emitter with a half-life of 141a. The isotope

that is characterized by repeated neutron uptake

can be obtained is an α-emitter with a half-life of 7370a and thus the most stable of the americium isotopes known to date. [AFM]

Americium 1: Important isotopes.

isotope Natural
Atomic mass Half-life
time T1/2
241At the 0 241,056823 432.2 a Tracer
243At the 0 243,061375 7,37×103 a NMR

Americium 2: General, chemical and solid-state physical properties.