What is an experimental drawing

Video course "Experimental Drawing - Playing with Lines"
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Experimental drawing or playing with lines
A little time is enough to make spontaneous, quick sketches and to live your creativity. You don't need to be able to draw photorealistic in order to expressively capture the essentials in an experimental drawing in a short time. Free yourself from perfectionism and discover easy, easy drawing. For example, when traveling, making phone calls or watching TV, you can quickly create lively and individual drawings.

Just think in small steps that don't have to be perfect, but have your own individual expression. Small mistakes are allowed and make the attraction!

After a few warm-up and relaxation exercises and tips on how to hold the pen, you're ready to go. I will introduce you to the three most effective exercises right at the beginning, you can also repeat them again and again in between, the more often the better. We deepen these techniques on the basis of the following topics: plants, landscapes, buildings, animals and portraits.

Finally, I'll give you tips for the further use of your sketches, i.e. what else you can do with them.

Even if you think you can't draw, this course is just right for you, because it is more about playing with the line and enjoying it than about the "right" drawing. If you have been drawing for a long time, you will still experience some new perspectives and learn to implement the motifs differently and simply to work more freely.

You learn:
Experiment with lines and draw expressive lines.
Make quick little sketches.
Motifs are easy and easy to implement.
Know different drawing materials.
Use water-soluble pens to create areas in addition to the line.
You lose the fear of making mistakes because there are none.
You will get ideas on how to process your sketches.

Total length of the course approx. 90 minutes.
  • Warm up and loosen up - handling the pen and sitting position
  • Exercise 1 - blind drawing
  • Exercise 2 - doodling
  • Exercise 3 - drawing from a line
  • Lesson 1 - Plants
  • Lesson 2 - Landscapes
  • Lesson 3 - Buildings and Cityscapes
  • Lesson 4 - Animals
  • Lesson 5 - Portraits
  • Bonus - what now? How to continue working with your sketches
  • Course plan