Hex is more dope than binary

What means the name Babyweed and where from he comes?


Baby -> daughter
Weed -> marijuana

When does babyweed name day?

Name days
  • We are not aware of any information about the name day and namesake. Do you know more?

Babyweed in the linguistics

Length | SyllablesHyphenationEndings
8 characters 3 syllables Ba-by-weed -yweed (5) -weed (4) -eed (3) -ed (2) -d (1)
Babyweed in numbers (according to ASCII-256 table)
Binary 01000010 01100001 01100010 01111001 01110111 01100101 01100101 01100100
Decimal 66 97 98 121 119 101 101 100
Hexadecimal 42 61 62 79 77 65 65 64
Octal 102 141 142 171 167 145 145 144

Babyweed in the phonetics

1132 B130 BBWT
Spelled babyweed
Spelling board DIN 5009 B.erta | A.nton | B.erta | Ypsilon | W.ilhelm | E.mil | E.mil | D.ora
International spelling board B.ravo | A.lfa | B.ravo | Yankee | W.hiskey | E.cho | E.cho | D.elta

variants of babyweed

Male form
Variants and spellings in other languages
Nicknames and nicknames

Babyweed in different Fonts

scriptOld German script
Foreign writings
Latin script BABYVEED
Phoenician script 𐤁𐤀𐤁𐤅𐤅𐤄𐤄𐤃
Greek script Βαβψωεεδ
Coptic script Ⲃⲁⲃⲩⲩⲉⲉⲇ
Hebrew script באבווההד
Arabic writing بــاــبــوــوــهــهــد
Armenian script Բաբըւեեդ
Cyrillic script Бабыѵеед
Georgian script Ⴁაბვვეედ
Runic script ᛒᛆᛒᛦᚹᛂᛂᛑ
Hieroglyphic writing 𓃀𓄿𓃀𓇌𓅱𓇌𓇌𓂧

Comments on babyweed

Clear case of "smoking too much stuff".

It's awesome. But babyweed well weed is better. Or when babyweed is just a nickname. Weed sounds very sweet: D ♥

A really bad punishment for a child! Nobody in this world should punish his child like that, honestly. I've never seen anything so bad! How can you call your child that ... "Weed" ...! Babyweed .. baby cannabis?
We live in a broken world, no more people.
What has become of the 21st century ...

The poor children who should be called like this: o


So I call my little daughter later, I don't have to throw her in the baby flap because I overdid it a little bit during pregnancy

Sea than you! Only the best for babyweed! * ___________ *
P.S. Phillipph I Laf you so muddy!: ***

What did you sniff out?

Hey, I'm Angelina (16) and I'm just pregnant from Philipph (37). I'm hard to think about whether I should call my Bebiii Babyweed What do you say ????
I just love this name
P.S. Phillipph I laf u! * ____ *

OMG !!!
Not at all! :( O

Baby grass!
it's great, why not mari-juana? (also available here)

Finger changed from drugs. ;)

Isn't that a fake?

Hahaha .... yep. We smoke dope all day long and our kid's name is Babyweed.

I wouldn't take this name entry here too seriously. Apart from the fact that no registrar who has all his senses together would allow this "name".

The name doesn't even exist!

Babyweed = fresh mariuana. And the brother's name is cannabis or how ... tststs ... who puts something like that in here.

Yes, such a name is allowed here as a FIRST NAME. is that even possible in germany?
but Finlee is not allowed ... hm ...

for nonsense !!! Babyweed? Show me the brainless parents who call their child babyweed! In the English language, weed stands for grass - the drug, not the meadow!

@Claudia Angelika Wagner-Reichert: Nobody here will buy that from you ...

Claudia Angelika Wagner-Reichert

I named my little daughter baby. Baby Marie Reichert. Baby is our little sunshine We named our princess that because she is our first baby to finally have a daughter. We have three sons, Julius, Viktor and Korbinian. Korbinian, Baby and Vik still live at home, but Julius has moved out. But he comes to see Baby Marie quite often.

What's this? diaper brand?

This name is completely stupid and meaningless. I didn't even call my animal that. OVER MY CORPSE.

well what else can you say
Jasmin must agree with you, definitely has something from smoking weed

SUCH a name is allowed here, but MY name is not! I've been trying to put my name on here for ages and it's never allowed! (It's a Finnish name)

... weird !! .. ¬¬ ... it sounds like a name for baby diapers !! o_0

Who would like to be called BABY-Weed at 14, 20 or 80?!?

:) What is that supposed to be a name definitely net, some really crazy suggestions here

W * ed, doesn't that mean C * nnabis ?????

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