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Bounce FM is a radio station from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto Online (not audible there), which plays funk songs.


Music / Text: Larry Troutman and Roger Troutman
Courtesy Warner Bros. Records
Music / Text: Clades E. Smith, Dennis R. Thomas, George Brown, Robert E. Bell, Richard Westfield, Robert Mickens and Ronald Bell
Courtesy Polygram Records
Music / Text: Leroy Bonner and Willy Beck
Courtesy Mercury Records
Music / Text: Rick James
Courtesy Motown Records
Music / Text: Frankie Beverly
Courtesy of Capitol Records
Music / Text: Johnny King
Courtesy of Ace Records
Music / Text: Christopher H. Jasper, Ernest Isley, Marvin Isley, O. Kelly Isley and Rudolph Berard Isley
Courtesy of Columbia Records
Music / Text: Larry Troutman, Mikel Hooks, Roger Troutman and Ronald Goss Hudson
Courtesy of JDC Records
Music / Text: Craig Marvin, Fred Alexander, Frederick Lewis, Jr., Le'mart McCain Tiemeyer, Mark Adam Wood Jr., Normal Beavers, Oliver Shelby Thomas, Otis Stokes, Stephen Preston Shockly
Courtesy of Capitol Records, Sanctuary Records, Solar Records, and Unidisc Records
Music / Text: George Clinton
Courtesy of Capitol Records
Music / Text: Leon Chancler and Reggie Andrews
Courtesy Motown Records
Music / Text: Lawrence Black and Thomas Jenkins
Courtesy of Mercury Records
  • MFSB - Love is the Message
Music / Text: Gamble & Huff
Courtesy Warner Tamerlane and Sony
Music / Text: Leroy Bonner and Willy Beck
Courtesy of Mercury Records
  • Johnny Harris - Odyssey
Music / Text: John Harris
Courtesy of Rhino Records
Music / Text: Edwin Birdsong and Roy Ayers
Courtesy Polydor Records
Music / Text: Charles Wilson, Lonni Simmons and Rudolph Taylor
Courtesy Mercury Records

Cut songs

In the Android, iOS, PlayStation 3, Steam and Xbox 360 versions, the following songs have been removed from the game:

  • "Running away" - Roy Ayers
  • "You dropped a bomb on me" - The Gap Band
  • "Yum Yum" - Fatback



Full radio

GTA- San Andreas - Bounce FM (Rev. 1) - Full radio


  • Bounce FM is the favorite radio station of the Ballas, as well as Sweet and Big Smoke.
  • The station's nickname is "The Party Ship". Area 53 presenter Marvin Trill calls the broadcast live, believing that the party ship is a spaceship and asks how he can get on board.
  • The song "Loopzilla" George Clinton is featured in the trailer for the mobile version of the game.
  • During the San Andreas anniversary weekend, a t-shirt with the Bounce FM logo on it was available on Grand Theft Auto Online.

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