How dangerous is youthful idealism

Idealism alone is not enough

Fewer and fewer doctors are willing to treat drug addicts in their practices and offer them substitution therapy. Understandable: the patients are difficult, the payment is low and the legal requirements are strict. Many doctors are rightly afraid of constantly standing one foot in jail or being under fire in the local press.

Treating drug addicts takes a lot of idealism. Hats off to those who shoulder this task. Often residents have to remodel their practices, create separate entrances and set up two waiting rooms in order not to lose patients who do not want contact with addicts.

But how can you as a doctor help addicts and pull them out of the vicious circle of addiction and drug-related crime? Substitution therapy offers alone are not enough. Because more and more young people are not only dependent on heroin, many also consume coke, cannabis and alcohol.

Large outpatient addiction centers like the one proposed by the Stuttgart doctor Gisela Dahl could be a solution. Residents could treat addicts there outside of their practice - in a team with colleagues.

New ideas are needed. So far, all efforts to help drug addicts have left a fatal aftertaste: everything has only seemed to go in circles for years.

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