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What do women really want? Tips for men


A relationship coach explains

Men, show your feelings! Women want one thing above all in a love relationship: to talk to and deal with each other with feeling. We have other relationship tips for men in dealing with their wives.


What do women want, what do men want? The ideal of a relationship has changed a lot. It's no longer about what the general public wants. It's about individual love, lust and emotional connection. "Most people today say: I have a good relationship when we love each other," says Sonja Ebner, qualified life and social counselor and relationship coach.

Willingness and time for the relationship, togetherness, belonging and taking care of each other are among the cornerstones of a happy relationship. That is exactly what women want, that is the basis of a relationship for them. And that also makes men attractive to women.

This is what women want: relationship tips for insecure men

1. Allow feelings

To get there, feelings must be allowed on both sides. This is exactly where the dividing line between the past and the present lies, between the old and the new role model. And the reason for the lack of orientation so many men who ask themselves so often: What do women actually want? And: How can I understand women? "The fact that the traditional role of the strong protector is no longer in demand to the same extent as it used to be has definitely caught on with them," says Ebner.

2. Women know exactly what they don't want

There is no general answer to the question of what women expect from their partner. It is not in feminine nature to be one like the other. So there is no common denominator. But there are clues to help you understand women better. For example, by making it clear what women don't want. They usually know that very well. Often it is, for example, macho behavior and self-expression.

3. Women often feel that they are not valued enough

Anyone who is aware of what causes relationships in general to fail can use this knowledge. Women often feel insufficiently loved, accepted and valued. Anyone who recognizes this automatically learns to understand women better. Women often feel that other things are more important to their partner. As a result, many expectations of an intact love relationship remain unfulfilled. The good thing about it: Men and women can learn from their experiences and incorporate their knowledge into the next relationship.

4. Soulful men who understand women

What else do women want in a love affair? They increasingly have the need for soulful, sensitive, communicative men. And they suffer when this wish is not fulfilled. As a woman, you want to know what's going on in the other. Unfortunately, many men fail to express their innermost thoughts.

Relationship coach Sonja Ebner also knows: Men are certainly able to communicate, but often it fails because they talk about their own feelings. “Women’s emotion and language centers are more closely interlinked,” she explains. And adds a quiet warning: women often want more emotionality, but experience shows that if the man follows it, he runs the risk of suddenly not being manly enough for the woman.