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Control the amount of Prime orders

If I reach the limit for Amazon Prime orders on Tuesday at 6 a.m., when will the Prime logo be reactivated?

Your Prime logo will be reactivated on the same day after the closing date (1:00 p.m.).

Should I set the daily limit based on the predicted daily amount of orders for Prime by sellers?

No, we recommend that you set the daily limit based on your internal capacity that you can ship. As your business changes, you can update these numbers regularly.

Why is the number of orders received today exceeding the daily limit I set?

This can happen when customers add your product to their shopping cart and place the order later in the day or another day in the week. Customers can place these orders with Prime even after the seller's daily limit has been reached.

Why was the Prime logo disabled so early on Monday?

Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday count towards your limit for Monday, which is why the limit can be reached early on Monday. If you can ship more orders, you should factor the weekend volume into your available capacity before setting a daily limit.