Do you feel bad for Elon Musk

Starlink launched in Austria: Satellite Internet from Elon Musk can now be ordered

Starlink's goal is global internet access. The satellite network belonging to the US space company SpaceX has been in a beta phase in selected countries since last year. The service is now starting in Austria.

99 euros

Getting started is not cheap. You pay 499 euros one-time for the necessary hardware; The website currently states 59 euros for delivery. When ordering, you also find out that the service should be available in Austria by mid to late 2021 - a notification after the order should clarify when you can expect the package.

Data speeds of 50 to 150 Mbit / second are currently realistic, according to a Starlink broadcast. Various data packages are not offered. The use is therefore probably less worthwhile in areas that are already well covered than much more in areas of the world that are currently under-developed. Dissatisfied customers of domestic Internet providers now have another alternative.


One regularly reads about SpaceX rockets that place several satellites in space. According to founder Elon Musk, it should be 42,000 in the end to enable global Internet. 1 Gbit per second should also be possible in remote areas of the world, promises Musk. This is technically feasible because the satellites communicate with each other via lasers and the exchange of information is faster than before.

Starlink is currently the largest commercial satellite operator in the world. Around 1400 satellites are currently orbiting in Earth. If Musk is serious about his ambitious plans and actually sends thousands of satellites into orbit every year, the number of satellites would increase fivefold within a very short time. The associated space junk, which is created in the long term, is already causing scientists headaches. According to Musk, they are already working with the American Astronomical Society to keep the damage at least as low as possible. (aam, 8 May 2021)