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Translation of "are you drinking the beer" in English

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Do you drink rather beer or genever?
Do you drink your beer still out?
You are here every day and drink beer.
You just sit on the couch and drink beer.
You drink your beer out, then I'll drive you to Richie.
You finish your beer then I take you to see Richie in the Escalade.
I always thought you drink just beer.
I always kind of took you for a beer girl.
You drink just beer, I thought.
You eat my supplies drink my beer and you cheat your dirty underpants in the laundry basket.
You said you drink beer, eats bacon, smokes cigarettes and survives all the experts.
You said you drink beer, you you smoke cigarettes, and you outlive the experts.
You drink still beer from cans.
It annoys me that you are so much Drink beer.
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