Die 2D platformer

When dying is fun

The indie hit Dead cells has turned out to be an absolute insider tip for video game enthusiasts in a very short time. The basic principle of Dead cells is easy to explain. You have to die! And that again and again. We got the Nintendo Switch version of Dead cells take a closer look to find out what the hype is really all about.

Death Is Not The End

In Dead cells slips into the role of a headless body, initially lying motionless, which is immediately brought to life by a sticky green something. Risen from the dead, you then make your way through the gloomy corridors of a dungeon in the familiar 2D side-scrolling manner.

From the developer Motion twin also as "RogueVania" denotes, avails itself Dead cells both elements of the Metroidvania as well as Roguelikes Genres and manages to combine them sensibly. Similar to the games Castlevania and Metroid is also available in Dead cells there is a large 2D world with different levels that you have to explore on your own. In contrast to conventional Metroidvanias However, these levels are generated randomly, which makes it impossible to remember the route or item locations. With new runes, new, previously inaccessible paths can also be unlocked in order to move even faster through the levels.

Equipped with a randomly assigned weapon, you will shred and roll past the enemy and explore the levels for treasure to improve your character. The combat system develops very quickly and is strong due to the Behavior patterns the different types of opponents embossed on the screen and at their own weapons. In principle, it is important to evade at the right moment and then strike back. In contrast to other 2D sidescrollers, you only suffer damage when you are hit by an attack and not by simply touching the enemy.

You keep doing this until you make a mistake, die and lose all of your collected items. Funny, is not it?!
They are scenes that you see while playing Dead cellswill be seen often enough. Because there is no way around the death of your own character, as this is an important part of the game mechanics.

Kill, die, learn, repeat

It's that nasty Dead cells but then not. During the course of the game, so-called "Dead Cells"can be collected and invested in upgrades at the dealer.

These upgrades are particularly important as they are the only progress besides the runes that is not reset after death. With every upgrade that is activated, the next attempt is a little easier. With an upgrade it is possible to take a certain number of gold with you into your next life or to carry more health potions.


Dead Cells is one of those games that you can't play often and long enough. Even after several attempts it feels like Dead cells thanks to the randomly generated levels always different and motivates to explore the world anew every time. The successful weapon and combat system is fast and ensures adrenaline-charged action. The fights with opponents and bosses of different behavior patterns and attacks are both demanding and varied. Fans of the Metroid and Castlevania series should check out Dead cells like at home. But friends of 2D platformer and action games are also well advised with Dead Cells, provided the trial and error approach does not deter them.

- Laurenz BrĂ¼nner

The good

+ High replayability

+ Charming graphics

+ Demanding gameplay

The bad

- not a lot of negatives