What are the resting poses in yoga

7 Yoga Exercises for Beginners - The Best Asanas for Beginners

Tips for yoga beginners

There are many different ways of approaching and performing yoga in yoga. But you will see that most of the exercises are not that complicated. Especially at the beginning you should deal with simpler asanas and concentrate mainly on your body. Everything else is secondary.

But there are still a few things that will make it easier for you to get started. Nothing can go wrong with our tips.

What you need

Beginners really hardly need any material for their yoga sessions. But what would definitely be an advantage are comfortable, not too loose clothing, a non-slip mat and a quiet place in your apartment.

Tips for implementation

Even if the exercises are explained in detail here with pictures, it sometimes doesn't hurt if you also watch a video. This makes it easier for you to find your way into the exercise.

If you are very unsure, it is an advantage to take yoga lessons with trained trainers. These make you aware of bad postures so that you can correct them immediately.

At home you can otherwise help yourself with video recordings of yourself. On the videos you can recognize and eradicate your bad posture yourself. Filming yourself regularly practicing is definitely a good idea.

Take good care of your body

Above all, yoga is there to make you feel good. If you cannot cope with an exercise and it causes you discomfort or even pain, you can safely leave it out.

Of course, certain postures are always a matter of practice and can also be challenging. But if you don't feel comfortable doing it, swap the exercise for another.

Always try to breathe evenly and calmly. Also breathe actively and take the time to breathe in and out deeply.