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Why is Kensington Palace called the Damned?

According to the chief curator of the Royal Palaces of Great Britain, Lucy Worsley, there were at least seven princesses who Kensington received very unkindly. "Some of them were depressed and some were crazy," Worsley told The Daily Mail.

Irina Korshunova,

The Kensington Palace is in a picturesque location in the west of London in the middle of Kensington Gardens, which belonged to Hyde Park until 1728.

The successful location attracted the first owners of the Earl of Nottingham to the villa at the time - King of England William III and his wife Mary II Stuart. The air of Kensington was perfect for William III, an asthmatic. The royal couple acquired the property in 1689. The construction work for their new residence was entrusted to the architect Christopher Ray. After Queen Mary's death from smallpox in 1694 at the age of 32, the palace suffered a number of disasters.

Eight years after the death of his wife, Wilhelm III. A shoulder injury from a fall from a horse. This led to pneumonia and the monarch's sudden death.

Since Maria and Wilhelm had no children, Queen Anna, Maria's younger sister, was the next to take the throne. Anna did not allow any heirs to the English throne either. She had 18 pregnancies. Only five children were born alive. Four of them died in childhood and the fifth, William, aged 13. Is it a coincidence that all of this happened right inside the walls of Kensington Palace?

The next king to live in the palace was George I. He completely rebuilt it and spent a lot of money on decoration and decoration. Sophisticated ceiling paintings, ornate ceremonial halls and an extensive collection of palace paintings - all of these belong to the time of this monarch's palace administration. Everything would be fine, but just as the palace was being rebuilt, George's marriage collapsed. After capturing his wife Sofia for high treason, he locked her in one of his castles in Germany.

The next victim of the Kensington Palace curse was Carolina, wife of George II, who took the throne after his father in 1727. She died here in agony after a tumor removal operation that was performed without anesthesia. George II rarely visited the castle after the death of his wife, so the building fell into disrepair before its next owners - the Duke and Duchess of Kent - appeared. Victoria, the future Queen of Great Britain, was born here in 1819 and is currently devoting herself to the “Everything About Victoria” exhibition in the palace. After taking the throne, Victoria and her mother moved to Buckingham Palace. And they did the right thing because she reigned there for 64 years and gave birth to 9 children from her husband, Prince Albert, who formed the parties of many European monarchs for whom Victoria was named "Grandmother of Europe".

The last victim of Kensington Palace was Princess Diana. The palace was her residence from her wedding in 1981 until her death in 1997. The palace became a flower memorial that thousands of people had laid here after the news of the princess's death.

It seems that all the prejudices associated with the curse of the palace and the ghosts of its former residents do not bother the current owners - Prince William and Kate Middleton. Contrary to all the headlines in newspapers like "Curse Hangs Over Kate", they smile happily into the camera and present the public was brought up to date with the next reconstruction of the property.