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Cell (jap. セ ル, Seru) is a biomechanical super cyborg developed by Dr. Gero started and finished by his computer. After extensive research and after collecting cellular material from Piccolo, Vegeta, Son-Goku, Freezer, King Cold, the computer managed to combine the best of each, and that in turn is Cell and thus received all the skills of the greatest and strongest warriors in the world Universe. The reason for creating such a super warrior was on the one hand to absorb the cyborgs C17 and C18 and on the other hand Dr. Destroy Gero's archenemy Son Goku.

  • Name: Cell
  • Age: unknown
  • Gender Male
  • Race: called artificial human or cyborg
  • Hair color: unknown
  • Eye color: green
  • Family: (Exhauster) Dr. Gero, (sons (clones of himself)) Cell Juniors
  • Combat trainer: nobody
  • Was killed by: Gohan
  • First appearance: unknown
  • Special features: Can transform into different forms when it absorbs others


Cell's character changes again and again throughout the Cyborg and Cell sagas. Due to his genetic makeup, not only his strength changed, but his personality as well. In the first or in its basic form, one can observe that the biomechanical lizard only has the merging with the cyborgs in its head and that it would do anything for it. After reaching his second form, Cell becomes arrogant and impulsive. Nevertheless, he is still very determined when it comes to his perfection. After being transformed into a perfect being, he shows a number of character traits of some of the warriors he owns the cells of: Vegeta's pride, Piccolo's logical thinking, Freezer's arrogance and the Saiyans' lust for battle.

In addition, his vanity is also previewed when he ex. the Cell Games opened. Presenting himself in his final form as an "invincible being", he wanted to display his limitless power in his own organized tournament. Because of this trait, he provoked his young opponent in the final fight against Son Gohan and was responsible for Gohan turning into the two-time Super Saiyan. But this was also his death sentence at the same time, because during the provocation the lizard did not think about what could happen if Gohan became stronger than him because of his anger. After the transformation, Gohan was actually stronger than himself and was able to defeat him after a hard and long fight.

Strength and skills


Cell owns the cells of Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan, Tenshinhan, Yamchu, Chao-Zu, Piccolo, Kuririn, Radditz Nappa, Freezer and his father King Cold. In addition to his character, these also make up his strength. This enables Cell to imitate all known techniques and attacks exactly and with perfection, regardless of whether it is a Kame-Hame-Ha, a Schizo disk or the Sun attack.

Back tail

What Cell uses over and over again in his fights is his back tail. This is very long and contains a poisonous, corrosive liquid. He can determine the length himself and use the body part just as well as his arms and legs. A stinger is attached to the end of the tail. With his back tail, Cell can do the following things:

  1. Suck out living beings with the sting and

  2. Absorb living beings

The first method was used by Cell so that he could increase his energy supply. Usually only the clothes remain; the body of the living being disappears. When he fought against the cyborgs, he managed to absorb his enemies. During this attack, the sting "opens" so far that a living being can easily pass through. With this Cell grabbed the cyborgs and squeezed them through the back tail. Thanks to this practical part of the body, the lizard managed to achieve perfection. In addition, the sting is so sharp that Cell could use it as a prick tool. After prolonged pulling and tearing, C-16 managed to detach it, but the body part grew back again.


What has saved Cell's life many times was its ability to regenerate. He could only use this because he owned Piccolo's cells. Best of all, as long as the head wasn't destroyed, Cell could always regenerate. More precisely, the core, which is responsible for the nervous system and other things, must not be destroyed, otherwise regeneration would be impossible.


Alternative time

Cell actually comes from the future. Dr. Gero, who was considered to be the creator of Cell, wanted Son Goku out of the way. To make this a reality, Gero collected data about the strongest warriors in the universe. This task was done by a spy robot that recorded data about it and sent it to Gero's computer. When Gero died, his computer continued to work to work on a fighter who is said to be as strong as the world had never seen him. It sent the data the computer had received from the robot to a container where Cell was in its embryo form. After a while, Cell grew until the container was too small and therefore broke. The larva, which had grown up to that point, was looking for a safe place to shed its skin in the ruins of Gero's laboratory, as Gero's laboratory had already been destroyed by then.

Immediately after his molt, he went hunting for people. Cell found out that several cities had already been destroyed and that there weren't many people left to testify. This meant a tremendous loss of power and strength. But he had an even worse problem, because the lizard couldn't find the C-17 and C-18 that he needed for complete development. If that happened, Cell would have become unbeatable. But Cell was unlucky and had to think of something else in order to gain access to his limitless power. One day the lizard observed a boy who had decided to travel back in time. The human set his time machine and wanted to travel back in time, but Cell waited for the right moment and attacked. He succeeded the boys K.O. to beat.

In order to fit into the machine, the lizard turned back into a larva and pressed the start button. This journey with which he arrived earlier than Trunks was the actual first reason for the gap in the time trunk, as his arrival now faced the fact that Cell did not arrive in the past - an event which is not possible on one timeline alone with the other. That way he split the time at that point. In no time, Cell was in a different time. Since he was a larva, he dug a hole in the earth to hide.

Cells attack

After three years it reappeared and hatched from the larva and began to suck up people. Since the cyborgs C-17 and C-18 did not destroy so much, Cell was able to take his "energy snacks". However, when he struck again in a city, Cell noticed Piccolo. He had reunited with God and was therefore stronger than ever before. The cyborg did not care and opened a fight by means of an attack. His competitor quickly ran out of breath and Cell was able to take a "taste" of Piccolo's meat by stabbing his arm with his back tail. Cell immediately sucked Piccolo's arm out and became stronger. However, Piccolo had a plan: asking Cell about his origins, plans and intentions and then surprisingly launching a counterattack. He succeeded and Cell regretted his decision to have told something.

When Trunks and Kuririn joined them, things looked rather bad for Cell. However, something occurred to the cyborg to escape: the sun attack. With the attack, Cell was able to blind its competitors and get away. From now on he extinguished his aura and from now on he kept moving forward. The others could only see well again after a while. Cell went back to work looking for cities. In his search, he encountered a sports team. They were determined to defeat the monster, but the group was completely wiped out in just a few minutes without any problems. Then Cell found a city that he also exterminated. However, the Z-fighters were on his heels and had to be careful what he was doing. But he adapted quickly and could calmly absorb as many people as he could without being discovered. Everything worked fine until one day he was chasing two people, because Kuririn intervened and saved them.

A brief argument ensued, which Kuririn lost dramatically. He survived, but he and his friends who followed shortly thereafter lost track of Cell again. The cyborg then realized that he was no longer being tracked and took full advantage of this.

The encounter of the cyborgs

After a few days of continuing to terrorize people, Cell discovered that Piccolo was enraged and immediately concluded that Piccolo was fighting the cyborgs. In order to lose as little time as possible, Cell flew in the direction of the power source. Once there, Cell's expectations were confirmed and a fight began immediately. Piccolo immediately pounced on his opponent, but he had to realize that Cell had become stronger through his "human snacks". Therefore, the Namek had no chance and was critically injured and then thrown into the sea.

Once this obstacle was overcome, Cell could easily attack C-17 and then absorb it. Even C-16, considered to be the strongest cyborg, failed to prevent this. Cell immediately transformed one stage and C-18 had a chance to escape, but she didn't take the opportunity. Cell noticed C-18's decision so he tried to pounce on the cyborg right after the transformation. But nothing came of it, because Tenshinhan entered the battlefield and attacked Cell with his Kiku cannons. While Cell had to deal with the attacks of his opponent, Cyborg # 18 managed to disappear together with C-16. But Cell resumed the chase after a short time, as Tenshinhan passed out from being overworked. The lizard had no clue and tried to find C-18 with words. Since this did not help, Cell had to use force to get to his destination. He just randomly launched ki attacks that destroyed the neighboring island.

During the destruction, he paid attention to whether his target person escaped. When the search was still unsuccessful, there was only one island left that had not yet been destroyed. But before this was also destroyed, Vegeta got in his way. Then there was a fight on the island. Vegeta unleashed his mighty powers, which Cell was very intimidated. The lightning and blast waves from Vegeta destroyed half the area.

Fight against Vegeta - New threat

When the attack followed, Cell, despite his best efforts, couldn't keep up with Vegeta. All attacks, even attempts to start them, went visibly in the pants. Cell stayed calm and continued to attack. Cell's situation hardly changed in the course of the fight. Without any plan, Cell continued the fight and increased his fighting strength, hoping to be able to achieve something this time, but this time again this did not produce the desired effect.

From that moment Vegeta helped in completing his opponent. Cell had persuaded the Saiyan prince, but not Trunks. This attacked the lizard again and again to prevent the end of the world. But his plan backfired and Cell discovered C-18. Cell immediately pounced on the cyborg, but this was made more difficult by Trunks' attacks. Vegeta, realizing his son's intentions, helped Cell by attacking Trunks. After many attempts to absorb C-18, Cell succeeded in becoming unbeatable. During the transformation, the cyborg was attacked by the Z warriors, but did not produce the desired effect.

When the "play" was over, he tested his newly acquired powers on Kuririn, who almost had to give his life for it. Vegeta was not at all surprised and was still confident of victory.

Cell's ultimate power

After the tests, Cell turned against Vegeta and provoked him. The attacks that followed by the Saiyan prince couldn’t harm Cell, even a blow on the neck didn’t make the cyborg sway. The lizard noticed that Vegeta's Latin was almost at the end and knew that it was now the time to start a counterattack. These led Vegeta to a situation where he could no longer save himself. Or so Cell thought, but he found he was wrong. Because Vegeta's honor and pride were not yet broken, which led to the fact that he prepared a huge final flash. Cell stopped without any visible reaction and waited.

Vegeta's powers were beyond the scope and even ready to destroy the earth. When the attack on Cell followed, he did not avoid it, because he was firmly convinced that it was all harmless. The lizard was therefore fully hit, but the explosion was stronger than expected and Cell's entire shoulder was torn to pieces. Vegeta, who had regained hope, had to stupidly discover that Cell was regenerating through Piccolo's cells. Then it happened quickly and Cell knocked out Vegeta with just a few blows. When he wanted to finish the Saiyajin prince, he felt an increased fighting strength of Trunks. From that moment he left Vegeta alone and messed with the other Saiyajin. At first, Cell kept the upper hand of the fight, knowing that Trunks wanted to give Kuririn a chance to get Vegeta to safety. When that was done, Trunks used all of his might to prevail against his competitor. But the more Trunks increased his fighting power, the easier it was for Cell to win the battle, as the Saiyan only increased his strength and not his speed.

The martial arts tournament

It got boring for Cell, but he was still surprised how fast and strong the Z-fighters were after just one day. He couldn't explain it, but he knew that his opponents would certainly get stronger. So I was ready to host a tournament. He revealed the venue and the date, but he would then give more information on television. This also happened after a few days. He made a detour in a town, looked for and found the ZTV television studio and gave the outstanding information.

These say, among other things, that anyone who has the guts can take part in the tournament. In addition, the rules and more were explained in more detail. After the studio and the city were destroyed, Cell built his battlefield in a deserted area. With his destructive announcement of the Cell Games, the army began to fight back, but to no avail. On the day of the Cell Games, Cell had to find out that not only the Z-fighters took part, but also big-cocked amateurs like the world heavyweight champion Mister Satan and his students.

The Cell games begin

When the participants and the television were present, the tournament could begin. Mister Satan and his disciples entered the battlefield first. Each one after the other lost heavily to the bio-cyborg and the people who watched the tournament lost their hope. Only now did Cell "open" the real Cell Games. Goku came next and did not do badly against Cell at first. He always tried to show off with "stolen" attack techniques, but that didn't work. Son Goku, who absolutely wanted to win, got creative: He used a weak Kame-Hame-Ha to get Cell to block this attack.

With that the cyborg was already busy enough, which is why Goku immediately launched a cunning attack. Using this approach, Goku almost managed to defeat Cell. The Saiyajin noticed that his current effort was too little. To change this, Goku turned into a Super Saiyan. In doing so, energies were released that broke the scale. Cell noticed that his opponent was not a show-off and not a weakling and also increased his fighting strength. The lizard multiplied and took the initiative. Duplication was an attack technique by Tenshinhan, but the Saiyan quickly saw through it. So it was child's play for Cell's competitors to repel the attack. In the further course a lot broke and Cell decided to destroy the battle ring so that the earth is the new battleground. From that moment on, both Goku and Cell used their full power, regardless of casualties. It soon emerged that Cell had the upper hand in the fight. Goku just backed away and the attacks no longer had the desired effect. Even a Kame-Hame-Ha tearing Cell's upper body away didn't help, because the regeneration resulted in zero damage. Cell, who was still enjoying the fight, then found that Goku gave up.

The next

When Goku threw in the towel, Gohan entered the battlefield. Cell thought this was a bad joke, but then discovered that Gohan was quite strong and brave. This was not enough for a win and Cell pounced on his young competitor. It quickly became clear to everyone involved that Cell was dominating the fight and that there was no hope left. The bio-cyborg got really bored.Therefore, he decided to provoke his opponent so that he would freak out and thereby become stronger. None of his ideas that he implemented succeeded and Cell became suspicious. But then something occurred to him: He brooded eight creatures, which pounced on Gohan's friends. The "Mini-Cells" were as strong as the original and put the Z-fighters under pressure. Cell's expectations were exceeded when Gohan transformed using C-16. When Gohan did the baby cells, Cell doubted his strength and began to believe that provoking Gohan was a mistake.

With no going back, Cell tried everything to defeat his young challenger. Even a huge Kame-Hame-Ha failed. Cell was lucky, however, because Gohan didn't use any of his chances and therefore let the lizard suffer. In the further course of the fight nothing changed in the situation: Cell came to no effective attack and drew the short straw. After a hit from Gohan and spat out cyborg number 18. But to make matters worse, Cell's patience burst and this led to a self-destruction that should actually take the earth with it. However, the number of dead was limited to only three people, because Son Goku teleported with Cell on Master Kaio's planet, whereby only the Saiyan, Master Kaio and his pet came into the afterlife. The lizard survived and came back to earth as a stronger warrior.

Cells end

Upon his arrival on earth, he used newly acquired powers to kill Trunks and once again proved that he should not be underestimated. After Gohan breaks his hand and Cell goes on the offensive with a Kame-Hame-Ha, everything seems to be lost for earth. Despite the impending defeat, Gohan showed fighting spirit and also shot a Kame-Hame-Ha at his opponent. It quickly became clear that Cell had more assertiveness and thus forced Gohan into a tight spot. What the lizard didn't consider was that Gohan's friends interfered in the fight. For Cell, the situation turned out to be difficult, but he was able to deal with it. Only when Vegeta joined them and started an attack did the tables turn and Gohan was able to take advantage of Cell's inattentiveness and fight back. The cyborg including its "vital core", which only made regeneration possible, were completely torn to pieces so that no residues remained.

Future Cell from the future

In the future Future Trunks destroys the two cyborgs C 17 and C 18, which had destroyed almost the entire earth. After the evolution of Future Cell is complete, the cyborgs no longer exist and the search for them no longer makes sense. So he keeps killing and absorbing civilians to get stronger and absorb the cyborgs in the past.

In 788 he finally meets Future Trunks, whom he wants to kill in order to steal his time machine and travel back in time. To his surprise, Future Trunks knows of his plan and is now much stronger than before. The fight between the two does not last long and Future Trunks, as Super Saiyan then kills Future Cell without any problems, who tried in vain to fire a Kamehame-Ha at him. With his death, peace returns on earth.

Dragon Ball GT

Great No. 17 saga

In Dragon Ball GT, Cell finds himself in hell with his comarade Freezer. During the invasion of the earth, the two villains set a trap for little Son Goku and lure him to hell. The two assume that Son Goku's fighting strength has also shrunk due to his small size, which is why they are wrong and soon discover that they are still not superior to him. Frustrated at the failure, Freezer and Cell joke about each other. After Freezer's unsuccessful attempts, Cell tries to absorb little Son Goku with his tail, which also works at the beginning, which gives Cell a huge boost of energy.

After a while, however, Son Goku crawls out of his tail. Cell and Freezer finally manage to paralyze Goku with a special technique that the two of them have practiced especially for the encounter with Goku and thus send him to a witch who tries to freeze him. However, this does not work because Son Goku's heart is too pure and so radiates warmth that melts the ice. Ultimately, Son Goku sets the ice machine on the Freezer and Cell, which both freezes. Goku accidentally pushes the ice sculptures over, causing them to shatter into many individual parts.