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Reason: A distinction must be made here between the navy and the army. While the army commander, who is not a separate official, can be translated as commandant, this translation is a bit strange for the navy commander, since he is by no means a commander, but stands directly under the captain. There is no German rank equivalent to the naval commander (frigate captain is completely unsuitable), which is why this should be under the English term!- Admiral Ackbar 1:39, 23 Dec. 2012 (CET)

A commander is a commander of a military operation. He has the highest authority in his armed forces. Commanders have been particularly honored for their high tactical, responsible and crisis-proof skills. There are several areas of defense in which commanders can be deployed on land, sea, or in the air.

As a rank, the commander is the last rank before entering the general or admiral area.

In the core fleet of the Galactic Alliance, the commander was on an equal footing with the lieutenant, such as Jhoram Bey.

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  • In German, the commander in the army (army) and in the air force (space fighter) corresponds to the colonel and in the navy (fleet) to the commodore. However, the latter is rarely awarded.
  • In the video game Star Wars Battlefront II the Galactic Marines are incorrectly referred to as Commander.