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Episode 100

  • Celebrity Siblings - Damn Related!

    They love each other, they quarrel and vie for the spotlight. "ZDF-History" shows seven siblings who have at least one thing in common: their big names. They are called Klitschko, Kennedy, Dassler or Tudor: What they have in common is the will to power and success. But while some fight side by side for their goals, the others stumble upon jealousy or argument and become bitter enemies. It was not until 2009 that a “historic handshake” from the descendants ended the feud between the brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler. The fierce competition has in no way harmed the success of their companies: Adidas and Puma are among the largest sports groups in the world today. The Tudor sisters Elisabeth and Mary have impressively demonstrated that a quarrel between siblings can also be life-threatening. The Catholic and "bloody Mary" not only had a large number of Protestants executed, but also persecuted her hated half-sister Elisabeth, the "bastard" of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Elisabeth landed in the tower and was only able to escape the scaffold with a trick. A few years later, after the early death of Mary I of England, she ascended the throne herself and ruled England long and successfully. Reinhold Messner, on the other hand, loses his younger brother to a tragic accident. Only one of the extreme mountaineers comes back alive from a joint expedition in the Himalayas. The exact circumstances of Günther Messner's death have not yet been clarified. John F. and Robert, the most famous brothers of the Kennedy clan, not only share a passion for politics, but also their tragic fate: Both die in an assassination attempt. "ZDF-History" tells the stories of a total of seven sibling pairs, some of whom only share the name, others their entire life. (Text: ZDF)

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