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Your ultimate checklist for the perfect picnic

And 11 easy picnic recipes

Whether at the lake, on the beach or in your favorite park: when the first rays of sunshine show up, it's time to fill your picnic basket with goodies and grab your loved ones for a little excursion. Because one thing is undisputed: everything tastes much better on a picnic blanket outdoors!
In addition to a beautiful spot in nature, what else does a perfect picnic need? We spontaneously think of cool drinks, fresh fruit and colorful salads. Grab your picnic blanket and off you go!
For those who do not know exactly what is best at high temperatures and little cooling options, we have put together the ultimate checklists with many delicious recipes and ideas.

What can you bring to a picnic?

There is nothing more annoying than arriving at the picnic location and discovering, at the latest when opening the wine bottle, that both the glass and the corkscrew are missing. Preparation is sometimes half the battle. Speaking of drinks - in addition to the basic equipment, which you can find below as a checklist, your drinks should be cold and tangy. Buying a cooler bag with batteries is not a must, but it is really worth its weight in gold in hot temperatures and cool drinks.
Our tip: Of course, cardboard dishes do the same, but reusable dishes that can be easily washed up at home are a lot more environmentally conscious.

Packing list: These 7 basics should not be missing from a picnic

1. Picnic basket
2. Picnic blanket
3 plates
4. glasses
5. Cutlery
6. Napkins or paper towels
7. Corkscrew / bottle opener

Which snacks and drinks are good for a picnic?

Not every dish is suitable to take away. Translated from French means pique-nique as much as “picking up little things”. How fitting! Because light finger food, quiches and colorful salads, which you put together on your plate according to your mood and are easy to prepare and transport, are perfect for a picnic. Here we have a few recipes for you!
In addition to hearty delicacies, summer drinks such as tingling rhubarb spritzer (the syrup is easy to prepare and also goes well with sparkling wine) or homemade lemonade should not be missing. Cooled the evening before, you can, for example, fill the drinks with a few ice cubes in thermos flasks or store them in the cool box. So you can enjoy ice-cold summer drinks for a long time!

These foods and dishes are suitable for a summer picnic

- Fruits with peel (e.g. watermelon, apples, oranges, etc.)
- Salads with a vinegar and oil dressing
- Pre-cut bread
- Snacks: olives, nuts & popcorn
- Pre-cut cheese & sausage
- Dips, homemade pesto, hummus

What shouldn't you take to a picnic?

Sticky fingers, unloved crawling animals and mushy salads shouldn't be part of a nice afternoon at the lake. Therefore, it is better to avoid some foods. Something sweet shouldn't be missing. But keep your hands off baked goods with cream, chocolate or buttercream - they are not only heavy on the stomach, but also do not get along particularly well with the sun. Fresh fruit or these summer desserts for on the go will sweeten every picnic buffet!
With the help of a few small tips, nothing can go wrong (apart from the weather, which we unfortunately cannot determine)!

You should avoid these foods:

- Soda & other drinks that are too sweet
- Fruits that can be crushed quickly, e.g. B. bananas or raspberries
- Cheese that "melts" in the heat
- Ingredients in large bottles / packaging (too heavy!)
- easily perishable ingredients, e.g. B. Dairy dishes

Easy picnic recipes that are wonderful to prepare

Fresh salads, delicious wraps, creamy dips and simple tartlets - the selection of delicious recipes is endless! Here you will find our favorites to take away so that nothing stands in the way of the perfect picnic.

Posted on June 21, 2019