How big is the global sports market

The global sports sponsorship market in numbers

You haven't seen any potential in sports sponsoring yet? Then you should quickly take a look at the figures recently published by The company has examined the global sports sponsorship market including athletes, teams and leagues, events, boards and federations. The total of all corporate funding worldwide is a whopping 30.87 billion US dollars per year! Nonetheless, the distribution of this sum also reveals some problems in the sports market.

REGION: Africa receives only 1% of the total
Unsurprisingly, the bear share of sports sponsorship volume ends up in Europe and North America, which together account for 66%. In contrast, Asian and Oceanic countries receive 8% of the funding, Latin America 5% and Africa, in comparison, only 1%. It should be noted that this 1% still amounts to over 300 million USD. The remaining 19% can be traced back to supraregional athletes and competitions, such as the Olympic Games, which cannot be clearly assigned to a region.

SPORTS: A $ 10 billion gap between football and all other sports
With regard to various sports, football occupies the pole position as a recipient of funding. At USD 12.84 billion, football creates a huge gap to the second most subsidized sport: racing, which covers USD 2.5 billion. This is followed by basketball, Olympic sports and football at roughly the same financial level.

INDUSTRY: Sports events account for less than 1% of global sponsorship funding
Over 60% of global sports sponsorship funds go to leagues and teams for a total of $ 19.37 billion. Sports boards follow with $ 13 billion less and receive $ 6.27 billion. Followed by federations with a little more than 8% of the global sponsorship volume and only then do individual athletes follow with USD 2.11 billion, or in other words 7% of corporate grants.

GENDER: 93% of global funding goes to men's sport
In other words: female athletes, sports, committees and federations receive only 7% of the total sponsorship volume! In addition, only 1 athlete out of the TOP 15 earners is female based on their sponsorship income. A faint idea who that could be? It's Serena Williams, the most successful tennis player of the Open Era and thus former world number one. The problem: Men already dominate the leagues, which is why they seem more attractive to sponsors. In addition, the female associations and teams already lack the financial means to expand their reach and - starting from the very beginning - to develop and promote talent at all. Ultimately, this leads to a vicious circle of increasing awareness in women's sports.

By and large, these numbers show powerful imbalances in sports sponsorship across the board. Most of the funding is focused on male soccer teams and leagues in Europe and North America. Above all, individual athletes and women are supported significantly less than teams and leagues, committees and men. We want to close this gap by inviting athletes from all sports to our platform and by now representing more than 300 sports. Are you in? Then take a look at our portfolio on!