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(© Flash you and me)

Flash you and me took me by storm a few weeks ago when I discovered their garter belt with 6 suspenders! Most of them only have 4, which makes them rather impractical for everyday use (more on this here). As I immersed further into the world of Fl * sh you & me, I was quite overwhelmed by the large selection: Whether bralettes for little curves, various panties, garter belts, bodies, harnesses or panty sets for couples with cheeky patterns or sayings - Designer Līva Šteina has created her own little universe since it was founded in 2013. And I like it!

Designer Līva Šteina (© Fl * sh you & me)

Stylistically, everything is from sweet, romantic, playful or bondage-inspired. The collections are produced directly in Lithuania, which results in a surprisingly low price for an indie brand. Fl * sh you & me is available in, depending on the model Size XS-L or XS-XL. Deliveries are made worldwide. When choosing this item, I had a lot of work to do to decide what to show you! I think I'll first give you an overview of what the brand has to offer and maybe later I'll move on to individual segments such as B. the garter belt with 6 suspender straps even deeper.

Bondage-inspired or romantic - anything goes! (© Fl * sh you & me)

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