Can alcohol be found in Yemen


Bilateral relations between Switzerland and Yemen

Switzerland provides food aid to Yemen and offers technical and financial support. In the 1980s, she provided emergency aid after earthquakes several times.


Development cooperation

Switzerland has stepped up its support for Yemen. Since 2007 it has been running a program entitled “Protection in the Region” in cooperation with international organizations active in Yemen. The main goal is to help Yemen cope with the flow of refugees from the Horn of Africa.

At the beginning of 2011, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC opened a program office in Sanaʼa to expand its activities.

Business languages

English, Arabic.


mass and weight

metric system.


Customs system

Harmonized system



Local currency: Yemen rial (YR) = 100 fils.

ISO code: YER


Import control

For imports into Yemen, it should be noted that there are import restrictions or import bans for certain groups of goods. Approvals, licenses or certificates from the relevant competent authority are required for import-restricted goods. The restricted goods include plants, fertilizers, animals, veterinary medicine, chemicals, books and newspapers, electr. Publications, Medicines, Radio and Telecommunication Transmitters.

The YSMO is responsible for the conformity regulations. Pigs and products made from them, alcohol, narcotics, drugs and vehicles (right-hand drive) are subject to general import bans.

Standard sales tax rate: 5%

For the application or the registration of pharmaceutical products and drugs, proforma invoices in 6 copies are required, which must be certified by the responsible chamber of commerce. At the end of the proforma invoice, the exporter must submit the following legally binding declaration (according to the commercial register) to be signed: "We hereby declare that the mentioned merchandise will be exported for our own account and that the goods will be of pure national origin of the exporting country . "


Terms of payment and offers

Irrevocable, confirmed letter of credit is common.

Invoicing in £ or US $. Offers CFR-based Hodeidah, as transport insurance must be taken out in Yemen.


Indications of origin

No special regulations. Country of origin stated in the HR (commercial invoices).


Marking / labeling

commercial markings; We recommend the additional "Made in ..." indication due to the country's proximity to the Gulf Cooperation Council.



Seaworthy packaging; Arabic labels and marks are recommended. Six-pointed stars are forbidden. In the case of foodstuffs, it is compulsory to print in Arabic with details of the country of origin, date of manufacture and expiry date in relief-like writing


Samples and samples of goods

without commercial value are usually duty-free. Articles that are only intended for temporary importation can also be imported duty-free against payment of a security. Re-export deadlines are to be strictly observed. The dispatch of dutiable samples as "samples" is not permitted.

No participation in the Carnet A.T.A. Procedure.


Shipping and accompanying documents

The consequence of this is that the IHK (Chambers of Industry and Commerce) are no longer allowed to certify trade papers if discriminatory formulations have been chosen. There is also no way out through notaries, regional courts or the federal administrative office.

Positive formulations must then be chosen. Formulations only applicable to the movement of goods; No regulation has yet been found for public tenders.

a) HR (commercial invoices) 2-fold, in English with all the usual information;
Note the special features of pharmaceuticals and medications. At the end of the invoice, the following legally binding declaration (according to the commercial register) to be signed must be submitted: “We hereby declare that the mentioned merchandise is being exported on our own account. The goods are of pure. . . . . . . . . . origin (indication of origin). Submit 4 copies of the IHK (chambers of industry and commerce) for certification; the original of the HR (commercial invoices) must be legalized by the consular office. If consular legalization is required, the signature must be certified by a notary.

b) 2 IP (certificates of origin), specify as country of origin: …………… or European Union. Legalize the original through a consular office, the consulate does not need a copy. Transport declarations if requested by the importer. The following transport declarations are compatible with § 4 a AWV: The undersigned does hereby declare on behalf of the owner, agent or master of the above named vessel / airplane that said vessel / airplane is not registered in Israel or owned by nationals or residents of Israel and will not call at or pass through any Isareli port enroute to. . . (e.g. Yemen). ’’ We would like to point out that such transport declarations may only be submitted for insurance reasons or to prevent the goods from being seized by sea or air.

c) Bills of lading not certified, but with a notify address.

d) Air freight and mail, mail up to 20 kg, 1 APK (international parcel card), 3 Zl (English or Arabic).

e) In the case of food and feed, attach official certification to the export documents stating that the goods are not radioactive; Issuing of the certificate by the health authority (request from IHK (Chambers of Industry and Commerce)).

f) Manufacturer's declaration, if requested by the importer who manufactured the goods, must be submitted on the company sheet with reference to HR (commercial invoices) or UZ (certificates of origin). Wording for example: "The goods are manufactured by. . . . . . “(Name and full address) Certification by IHK (Chambers of Industry and Commerce) (1 copy remains with IHK (Chambers of Industry and Commerce)) or a notary certifies the signature. A final certification by the Federal Office of Administration in Cologne must take place. Only “positive” formulations are possible, see a.

g) Submit documents as early as possible. The consulate fees are to be paid by crossed check. Legalization takes place only after payment. Enclose a franked C4 or C5 return envelope. No pre-treatment by Ghorfa.

h) Recommendation: Include packing lists