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Good and bad days

If you're feeling bad, you might be annoyed with this page, just skip it! But if you are in a good mood, then give it a try: Imagine a globe 1.27 m in diameter. How high do you think Mount Everest should be built to scale on it? 0.8mm, 8mm, 2cm? Of course, you're right, it's 0.8mm. So you could hardly feel Mount Everest and the entire Himalayas with your fingers. Viewed from the moon, it is no different from a molehill.
According to our Bible text, all of our worries and problems become very small from the perspective of eternity. Compared to the fact that Christians inherit the Eternal Kingdom, everything is insignificant and, above all, short-lived, even if it lasts for decades. But if you are currently in a financial, emotional or physical emergency, this view will be difficult or impossible to achieve. It would also be unwise to try to "cheer up" someone who is deeply sad. Nevertheless, it is so, and on good days we should not just let ourselves drift, but use the time when body and soul are free from heavy burdens to deepen and strengthen our trust in God. In this way we get Ā»trained sensesĀ« that assess everything correctly even when the turbulence sets in. In good days one learns to be grateful and to recognize that God only has thoughts of peace with those who belong to him. He wants to educate us and bring us closer to himself.

Hermann Grabe
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How do I spend my "good days"?
Look at everything from the perspective of eternity!
Jeremiah 23: 1-8