What are brown bears mostly covered

Brown bears - the disappearance of the heraldic animals

Sometimes they are evil and dangerous, sometimes wise and friendly and are considered mystical beings who rule over the forest and seem at least equal to humans. In truth, however, brown bears do not to oppose people. It wasn't that long ago that he was Ursus arctos not only present in the stories. It was once at home almost everywhere in Europe. today applies he in many countries as extinct - in Germany for more than 150 years.

A bear has been repeatedly detected in the Austrian-German border area since June 2019. He has already fallen into photo traps several times - for the first time in Germany Mid-October near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The bear is typically shy and inconspicuous.

In an encounter between humans and bears, Moritz Klose, wildlife expert at WWF Germany, advises: "As with other wild animals, keep your distance and withdraw." Hikers in particular are now encouraged not to leave any leftover food or other litter in nature so that the bear is not attracted by them and connects people with food.

It would be of benefit to the ecosystem if a Brown bear permanently in Germany would settle down - but of course also a challenge.

Europe's brown bears live dangerously

While brown bears still in the Middle Ages across Europe Widespread, you can see Meister Petz in this country currently only in the zoo. The biggest threats to the brown bears are Habitat loss, deforestation and poaching. In the black markets, bile, fat, meat, spinal cord and paws are paid for in large amounts. Although hunting is banned in most countries, bears continue to die by human hands. Without our help, it is only a matter of time before the brown bears in Europe may disappear entirely.

It is particularly bad Situation in Romania:Poachers chase after the parents and Forest workers drive them with their screeching chainsaws Mothers of bears on the run. They stay behind helpless boywho have no chance of survival without their mother.

WWF does this to protect brown bears

Our help for the Breeding station is part of our large-scale commitment to the conservation of brown bears in Romania. So the WWF is looking for that too Dialogue with animal keepers and hunters, to the acceptancefor brown bears to increase. And we are committed to ensuring that the habitat requirements of bears are taken into account in new infrastructure projects cross-border new walking corridors be created.

The ecosystem needs the brown bears

Although brown bears are predators, they do feed mostly vegetarian. They eat roots, grasses, herbs, berries and fruits. The mixed forests in our latitudes are therefore ideally suited as a habitat for them. By their very presence you can use your Change the forestby making the most diverse spread eaten seeds in their territory. Only about a third of the brown bear's diet consists of insects, fish or carrion. Brown bears tend to hunt for want if they run out of food in particularly barren regions.

You can do that for the brown bears