What was Tim Duncan's best final game

After OT thriller: Heat force game 7

In an incredible final game, the San Antonio Spurs looked like the sure winner several times. LeBron James put in an insane last quarter, but then made two nasty turnovers. But five seconds before the end, Ray Allen brought the heat into overtime with a clutch three-pointer, where the reigning champion made everything clear and won with 103: 100 (BOXSCORE).

What a thriller! The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs deliver a fabulous showdown, which the Heat ultimately decide in extra time. Tim Duncan was the first half player when he scored 25 points and converted 11 of his 13 attempts to throw. In the end, The Big Fundamental had 30 points and 17 rebounds.

In the last quarter, the previously pale LeBron James took over the command. Without his headband, the reigning MVP made 16 of his 32 points in the last round of regular time. In the end, James had also collected 10 rebounds and 11 assists. So he came up with a triple-double.

Before that, point guard Mario Chalmers shone at the Miami Heat, who put up 20 points and scored 4 of his 5 triple attempts. Dwyane Wade got 14 points (6/15 FG), Chris Bosh scored a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds. In the end, he decided the game with two blocks.

At the Spurs, Kawhi Leonard (22 points, 11 rebounds, 3 steals) played strong again. Tony Parker had 19 points and 8 assists, but only converted 6 of his 23 attempts. Danny Green (3 points, 1/7 FG) did not appear offensively. Manu Ginobili (9 points, 8 turnover) made a disastrous game.

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The reactions:

Erik Spoelstra (Trainer Miami Heat): "Those are the two best words in sport: game seven! We feel that we have the opportunity to play for the title in game seven. Our boys don't want games that are not important. We look for games that are more important and there is nothing bigger than game 7. "

LeBron James (Miami Heat) on the game: "It was by far the best game I've ever played. The ups and downs, the roller coaster ride, the emotions, good and bad phases throughout the game. Being part of something like this is something you will never do again once you've stopped playing. "

... about Ray Allen's litter: "Ray may have converted 0 out of 99 throws before, but if he gets the open throw at the end, then he goes in. We saw that before."

Ray Allen (Miami Heat): "This is a litter that I will remember for a long time."

Manu Ginobili (San Antonio Spurs): "We had them where we wanted them in a very close game at the end. We were two points ahead with two free throws and only a few seconds to play. No more timeouts. We were in a great position. We just got them Another chance given. It was a difficult moment, we were a few seconds away from winning the championship and just gave it up. "

The SPOX feature film:

Before the tipoff: After little Julia Dale smashed the American national anthem into the American Airlines Arena with plenty of pathos and the heat stars marched in flanked by flames to the dull beat of "Seven Nation Army", both teams slowly found themselves in the middle together.

The lineups haven't changed since Game 5. We see Manu Ginobili again at the side of Parker, Green, Leonard and Duncan in the starting five. The Heat again with Chalmers, Wade, Miller, James and Bosh.

7.: Wade misses the middle distance throw from the corner. Fastbreak Spurs. Parker serves the Leonard who has run along in an exemplary manner. He takes off, jumps over Mike Miller as if he were nothing and stuffs the ball with elemental force. 18:16 Spurs.

12.: As soon as he got back to the American Airlines Arena at home, Chalmers turned it up again. His second three on the third attempt made him the top scorer (10 points) on his team and put the Heat in the lead. 27:25 heat.

18.: Duncan's just hot. Again he goes to the post office against the helpless Bosh and turns. Face-up, pull to the basket, lay-up. Inside. The eighth transformed basket on the eighth attempt for Duncan. Madness! Nevertheless, the Heat lead 40:37.

24.: Parker? Right on the bench. Ginobili? So far underground. But no problem for the Spurs, because they have Duncan. Again and again Duncan. With a slam dunk he gets his points 24 and 25. By way of comparison: Wade, Bosh and James have a total of 21 points at this point in time. With a 50:44 lead, the Spurs go into halftime.

29.: Ginobili makes the next bad turnover and then fouls James in the fast break. The heat are already in the bonus and are now allowed to go to the free throw line for every foul. Popovich brings the Argentine off the field. 55:52 Spurs.

32.: The momentum for the Heat just seemed to run out when Leonard steals the ball, runs the fast break alone and closes it with a lay-up with a foul. What a huge play! On the very next move, Battier fouls Duncan during a putback. Of course, he still transforms. And one! An 11-0 run puts the Spurs 68:56 in the front. It's very quiet in the hall.

38.: The Spurs go into the final quarter with a 10-point lead, but the Heat are catching up quickly. Mike Miller is only wearing a pair of sneakers, but stands free on the line of three and transforms the throw from distance. With just one shoe! Only 77:73 Spurs left.

42.: James takes over the game! First he blocks Duncan at the lay-up, then he is on the other side by layup and equalizes. 82:82.

48.: Parker with two crazy moves. First an off-balance threesome, then an insane lay-up after a spin move. The Spurs are ahead with two points. James penetrates Parker in return, but then he affords the turnover! Ginobili is fouled in the subsequent fast break and converts his free throws. Next move: James penetrates again. This time he affords himself an air ball. Ginobili converts the free throws again. 20 seconds before the end, James hits the clutch threesome. Leonard awards one of his two free throws. 5 seconds before the end, Allen takes the desperate threesome out of the corner. And MEETS! Overtime!

OT: Ginobili throws the ball into James' arms with one minute remaining. He runs into green during the fast break and also makes a turnover. Then Chris Bosh unpacks the monster block against Parker's middle distance throw. For his part, Wade misses the middle distance throw. Ginobili loses the ball two seconds before the end. The Heat bags the game at the free throw line. 103: 100.

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The star of the game: LeBron James. Some praise his unselfishness in many situations. But if, as the best player in the world, you still set screens for Mike Miller's penetration in the third game, then something is going wrong. For three sets, a lot went wrong with LeBron James. It almost looked like he didn't dare to go into the zone. That all changed in the fourth run, when James threw away his headband and suddenly did everything that had been missed before.

He penetrated, he moved better. He demanded the ball. It is logical that this also results in turnover. Ultimately, the Heat was only able to start such a strong run in the fourth quarter thanks to its superstar. Don't forget: James was extremely effective at defending against Parker for most of the game, but in the end he took the burden on his shoulders.

The flop of the game: Manu Ginobili. Anyone who had hoped that the Argentine would now build on the performance after his strong fifth game was mistaken at an early stage. Ginobili was involved from the first minute. The 35-year-old was completely overwhelmed in building up the game. In his 35 minutes he made 8 ball losses, mostly due to catastrophic passes. Seldom has a plus-minus value been more meaningful. Ginobili's was -21 and was by far the worst value of all players.

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Analysis: Anyone who thought that the Heat would show their impressively powerful defense from the start was mistaken. Rather, Miami wanted to cleverly deliver the Spurs shooters. Both teams went an almost inhuman pace in the first quarter. Initially, however, there was no advantage for any of the teams. Right from the start, the Heat made sure not to lose sight of Danny Green.

The concept worked, Green was almost invisible. But the Heat couldn't get Duncan under control. He made a perfect first quarter and sunk all six of his throw attempts. At halftime, Duncan had 25 points in his account and was responsible for half of all Spurs points. With his strength from the low post, he gave the Spurs a massive advantage in the zone. The Heat responded with team basketball on the offensive. The 11 basket hits in the first quarter were preceded by 8 assists.

Mario Chalmers turned up in the home arena and was the fixed point on the offensive of the Heat for a long time. James had only converted 3 of his 9 throws at halftime and kept getting stuck on Diaw's physical defense. The Spurs offensive in the first half consisted almost entirely of Duncan. Ginobili suffered four ball losses, some of them catastrophic, in his first 15 minutes of play. At some point the ball just went to Duncan.

As was to be expected, the Heat increased the pressure on the defensive significantly in the second half, almost every attack was doubled, Duncan hardly got the ball. The Spurs, however, made five team fouls early on, which the Heat to train invited into the zone. The Heat received some dubious decisions by the referees against them, but then got bogged down in discussions with the referees and lost their just regained rhythm, so that the Spurs went into the last quarter with a comfortable 10-point cushion.

But then everything turned and an already intense game turned into a fabulous thriller. The Heat closed all the passes and took the Spurs away from any rhythm. James was finally playing like he was best and Miami seemed to have the momentum on its side before Tony Parker hit back. Ray Allen's threesome, which led to overtime, was happy in its creation, but showed exactly what the Heat brought in for the veteran, who had previously had a bad evening.

Spurs coach Popovich is also partly to blame for Allen being able to throw, because he left Duncan outside in the last two plays. James discarded the threesome on both moves, but the Heat got the offensive rebound, which then led to successful threesomes. With Duncan (17 rebounds) that would not have happened.

Anyway, there was a lack of options besides Duncan. When the Heat found a solution against Big Man in cover, the game of the Spurs stalled. Tony Parker didn't seem lively enough, Manu Ginobili seemed to have stayed in San Antonio and Danny Green didn't find his shooting touch. When Duncan no longer met above ground, it was clear that the Spurs would have a very difficult time.

So it went into overtime, where the Heat won because they were still fully up on the defensive, the much scolded Bosh was there with two blocks and the Spurs could no longer find the rhythm. While San Antonio had hit 58 percent of his throws from the field at half time, it was only 35 percent in the second half. Already at half-time the statistics were embellished by Duncan's almost perfect performance. Nevertheless, the Spurs had the championship firmly in view after the third quarter and even seconds before the end, but now have to be content with a seventh game due to their own mistakes.

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