What is a bicycle pickup

Tailgate pads! Bicycle transport made easy ;-)

There are various ways of transporting bicycles on the flatbed. Simply putting the bike in the cargo area is not a good idea. The consequences are scratches and slaps on the bike and on the loading area. The most stable and safest method is certainly to use cross members. However, with the so-called Tailgate Pads there is finally a simpler method to transport your bikes to your next mountain bike trip in a cool way!

    The horntools protective mat has 5 lashing straps for bicycles or other loads.
    We also supply a Velcro fastener for each lashing strap.

    The inside of the pad has a very fine surface made of velor that prevents the paint from being scratched.
    An opening gives you the handle to operate the loading flap, thanks to which the reversing camera can still be used.

    Our pad offers space and lashing options for up to 5 bikes, depending on the size of the pickup loading area.

    Our pad was built in such a way that a loading flap can also be temporarily closed.

    The pad is lashed to the loading lid, of course the bike pad is not a substitute for proper load securing.
    The load can easily be secured against slipping sideways, but the pad is primarily a protection for your bike and your truck.

    Suitable for all PickUps with a loading flap from 137cm

    Can be used for bicycles, surfboards, long loads and much more!

    You can find the product here: https://www.pickup-parts.com/product/tailgate-pad-ladekanten-u-heckklappen-schutz-fuer-fahrrad-transport-etc/

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